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  • kenypowa
    Apr 20, 04:43 PM
    Google ships not a single phone. It provides a free OS (from which it makes little money) to handset makers that sell phones. None of those handset makers sell a phone as popular as the iPhone, and all of them combined do not make as much money doing so. If one is comparing iOS (all devices) to Android (all devices), recent data suggests iOS is the more widely used.


    This is just out today. HTC Thunderbolt outsold iPhone at Verizon. There's goes your cute little theory.

    Make no mistake, this is an amazing quarter for Apple, but it's not the only one doing well in the smartphone boon.

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  • mac4evan
    Oct 25, 07:06 PM
    Me too. I hope he does the same to Microsoft's DRM now. Force them, Apple and all the other providers to come up with and support a common DRM standard that no single company owns.

    No vendor lock in and no more Mac marginalisation. Great!! :)

    Then why not do the same with Office and windows game companies and X360 (no mac support)

    Their has to be a dominant player in every market... THATS LIFE:confused:

    :confused: Marginalisation:confused: How so??? Apple has continually raised the bar for other companies online stores and players to be better so that they can even compete with the iPod and iTS.

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  • Patmian212
    Sep 27, 08:02 AM
    Possibilities are only limited to just anyting electronical or computer related ie an isight or computer sleeve.

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  • rprebel
    Nov 9, 11:15 AM
    Winter is coming!:):):)

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  • bousozoku
    Jan 22, 11:32 PM
    Apparently, for accounting reasons, they have to sell the update for $2 because they are adding functionality to products that have already shipped. (From the MacRumors front page)

    It would probably be a good idea to follow the official thread (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=271382) now:

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  • Gix1k
    Mar 24, 09:53 AM
    getting back on track now...


    Hope this means we are moments away.

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  • robj
    Mar 2, 03:39 AM
    I never had OS9, but I think I heard some of this sound in other places.

    In example, the "Quack" one sound me so familiar..., maybe there is a similar sound in Win 95 / 98?

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  • smithrh
    Apr 18, 12:02 PM
    There's a timing issue here.

    While LTE is out, it's not widely deployed yet. Cores of cities are being covered, but many markets don't have coverage yet (true for me personally - my "market" has coverage, but only where I work and not on the commute home, or at home).

    Mobile chipsets for LTE are also power-hungry today.

    When do you push to have LTE in your handset? Sure, Verizon may be pushing it, but until a device can meet Jobs's's's high bar for performance, I don't see a shift just yet.

    Perhaps a delay to September makes things clearer to Apple. Perhaps there's a new chipset coming from QC which doesn't suck space and power (and generate a lot of heat in the process).

    September also allows for a bunch more expansion of LTE, specifically VzW here in the states.

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  • TheAppleGeek
    May 2, 08:21 PM
    No offense, but you should be doing your own research. The idea of writing a research paper is to, you know, research. Asking people on a forum for sources is taking the lazy way out.

    Yes, I know. It was quite a lazy move, because as soon as I posted this, I began researching for quite some time.

    Regardless, I am still interested in the amazing history of Apple.

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  • macabouttobe
    Mar 22, 04:14 PM
    From 8mm tape. I'm planning on getting a NAS with built in redundancy.. I learn so much from others experiences- Any tips, tricks, tweaks or whatever I need to know about? Anything i should be considering? My iMac has the latest iLife version. If it matters considering netgear readynas nv+.

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  • toph2toast
    Apr 29, 01:03 AM
    I read through all of it. I saw some suggestions, but those didn't work. One guy said he figured it out, but didn't mention what he did to fix it.

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  • MooseBlood
    Mar 15, 05:06 PM
    And by the way... totally get it and KSL it Ben. You can get $100+ and have them come to you. :)

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  • hydrostarr
    Apr 25, 07:55 AM
    For the Tekkeon: Wondering if I could use a female cigarette-lighter adapter (from Tekkeon), plug a DC-to-AC inverter into it (http://www.batterygeek.net/200-Watt-DC-AC-Power-Inverter-p/200wattdctoacinverter.htm), then a MagSafe power adapter into that. Albeit potentially rather energy/power inefficient (or *is* it?) and quite bulky, but could it still work?

    (Other, "native" DC options listed above probably much preferred of course...)

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  • Amnesiac1
    May 5, 07:21 PM
    LMAO awesome picture up there bro, did u make it :D:p:D;)

    No, I did not.

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  • iFiend
    May 3, 07:19 AM
    need a bit more info than that.. could've been installed anywhere.
    How about a name..;)

    Since you're saying you "installed" something via iFile I have to assume it was a deb. If so that means you can uninstall via Cydia like anything else.

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  • Chris L
    Sep 13, 09:40 AM
    The 5G iPods still can't display any more than 320 x 240 pixels; the only way you'll be able to see the full 640 x 480 resolution is to output it to a TV or watch it on your computer.

    I'm hoping that Apple will announce at MacWorld Expo that it's putting digital TV tuners in the 24" iMac. The tuners are cheap now and do NTSC, ATSC, and QAM (digital cable). Now that would be a good use for that big screen!

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  • ActionableMango
    Apr 20, 11:53 AM
    I looked around out of of curiosity and got the feeling that the ATA password is not very well supported on any platform. And for Macs the Seagate FAQ is pretty clear:
    At this time, Apple Mac systems with EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) in lieu of BIOS do not support traditional ATA security passwords.

    AFAIK the only existing FDE solution for OS X is PGP . I don't know anything about that product and at least one other user here on the forum feels its only a matter of time before PGP FDE on OS X creates an unrecoverable failure.

    My own intention is to use Lion FDE toward the end of the year after everyone else has been beta testing it for a few months. :)

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  • TheMacBookPro
    Apr 24, 09:13 PM
    To answer your question, no.

    I think the blk requires another port on the mobo or something to give it power.

    Also- the space under the keyboard is pretty tight as it is so good luck getting the optic fiber to run to each key.

    Besides there would be no way to control it. The power button on the Air is where the eject button is on other Macs, the eject button is on F12 and thus F5/F6 to control the backlighting would not work.

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  • brinycbri
    Mar 24, 10:34 AM
    here's more http://www.tuaw.com/2011/03/24/ipad-2-jailbreak-imminent/

    No idea what this means but i think it's good lol

    Dec 30, 11:48 PM
    looks nice.


    Apr 1, 02:35 PM
    Dear JBG

    So there will be a 2011 Macbook refresh?

    When do you think it's likely to arrive?

    Mar 11, 01:48 PM
    Robb, you want 184 pin instead of 200 pin.

    I believe 200 pin is for Powerbooks.

    Here is a Newegg link to show you which ones should work. 2700 instead of 3200, so focus upon those. I do not know if 3200 is compatible or not.


    Mr. Zorg
    Sep 8, 11:32 PM
    What about the Cisco AnyConnect app? I keep reading old news how it'll be released when iOS 4 is - so where is it? I want this but can't find it in the app store. Or is it something your network admin has to get from Cisco and install for you?

    Mar 11, 04:07 PM
    FYI as of 2:45, there are appx 326 people (if I count every head correctly here) in line for the gateway apple store.

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