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gold rush california 1849

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  • bos_guy
    08-05 11:18 AM
    Thanks frostrated. When I said CPT I actually meant STEM Extension (17 month). Anyways, if I don't find employment before my OPT expires, can I go to back to school without an issue? I think I should be okay but I just wanted to make sure. I would appreciate it if I got any input on this matter. I need to double check myself to make sure I'm on a legal status

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  • gc2
    10-04 10:58 AM
    hi, i recently filed 485,EAD,AP for my wife and the attorney asked for check of $1010/- that includes unlimited EAD renewals.

    Is this really possible ? Please advise.

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  • gcformeornot
    05-24 04:37 PM
    similar situation. Applied to NSC but received EAD from CSC. So EAD as number starting with CSC, I was thinking of choosing CSC.
    Any other suggestions?

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  • satyasaich
    06-14 08:16 AM
    I'm also seriously planning to file on my own. Well, there is no law that stops us, but certainly needs some tips from experienced people.
    Infact as per the checklist, i have all the documents except a letter from employer. That i can get anytime. my big question is are there any other documents that need to be put together (which are not in checklist)

    Any help seniors????


    Can I file 485 on my own. My 140 is approved.

    If so, what is the procedure.



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  • asdcrajnet
    07-06 06:14 AM
    I am from India...Here are some details.

    The travels in India will help a lot in these matters.

    My parents got from ICICI. I also heard that Reliance is good to.

    The insurance mainly covers the hospital charges in case of hospital admission. Not that great for office visits.

    If the age is more than 60, the insurance is almost doubled..

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  • priti8888
    08-14 03:34 PM
    Sorry I missed that.Yes I am employed .I will do that thorough my employer.But with out help of any attorney.

    If you can afford it, you should hire an attorney.
    A good lawyer is worth every penny.

    You, on the other hand, should play your part by being "aware" and not blindly relying on the lawyer. Your job should be to double check documents for accuracy/correctness and asking questions to the lawyer and IV to clear doubts. Making sure the lawyer is abiding by all the immigration rules as defined by the law would be another task.


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  • California between 1849

  • lelica32
    07-30 03:20 AM
    If she overstay, her Visa will be canceled. She must apply for a new Visa. I overstayed 4 month, no ban, just my Visa was canceled.

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  • learning01
    04-06 01:33 PM
    bill (# S......), will come into this S.Amdt of Specter. See my post here elsewhere in IV (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showpost.php?p=7032&postcount=177).
    Everyone these are the provisions in the original Hagel bill. We're not sure whether they will be there in the new one or not.


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  • f1USvisaholder
    04-03 09:17 PM
    I'm on F1 visa and recently got married in US..I would like to have my lastname changed in my INDIAN passport.. I will apply for a new INDIAN passport through indian embassy in US..I realized that i will get a new passport with new last name...But my question is what happens to the F1 visa on the old passport and I-94, will they be still valid?...How does it work..what do i need to get them moved over to the new passport...
    I know i will have to let my school know about the name change so that they can get me a new I-20 by updating the SEVIS...I've already done that and they are OK with it...

    Appreciate your response..

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  • H1bslave
    10-19 09:03 AM
    one will get GC awarded if he crosses border illegally and becomes a victim.
    This is insane.



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  • California Gold Rush handbill

  • priderock
    08-07 04:27 PM
    She was detained for five hours but not strip searched. Understandably she was upset by it."

    Wow. She was upset because she was not strip searched? :D

    :) :)

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  • a1b2c3
    08-21 01:29 AM


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  • jliechty
    February 12th, 2005, 12:50 AM
    The picture is fine, but I think the way FNM crops it makes it even better. :)

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  • jaane_bhi_do_yaaro
    08-06 09:00 PM
    Join the donor, the fun is right in their.

    Is the fun there or fun their (donors)?


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  • zxcvb
    07-23 09:17 PM
    If they reject the application if a signature or something is missing. Can we refile again? Or do we wait for PD to become current again.

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  • jessie1981
    08-02 11:14 AM
    Did anyone get I485 based EAD before the first FP? Thank you!


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  • deecha
    03-17 08:53 PM
    As long as you're unmarried at the time of adjudication of the petition, you should be ok. This is not legal advice. Please consult a lawyer.

    My aunt petioned for my mom (and thus her kids) years ago, My aunt's a Us citizen, and after many years the process has started its final run. For the last two years i was an F1 student in a college in the usa and recently ive come back home; while i was there i married randomly anyway, nothing happened it wasnt a real marriage, and im getting it annuled.
    So now im back home and since this process (my aunts petition) has started , im 21 but im covered aswell since the child status protection act covers me. Now, the requirements for the children (derivative beneficiaries) of the aplicant/beneficiary (my mom) to be included are to be under.. 21 (im ok in this part because of CSPA) and UNMARRIED. My question is,,, am i still gonna be included if i show my annulment certificate? as i see it the annulment itself shows that an american court declared that marriage to be voidable and not real so it should make me unmarried.right? would it also be unmarried for immigration purposes if it was divorce instead of annulment? i'd appreciate any feedback, thank you.


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  • caydee
    07-01 07:35 PM
    for 482 the 2 checks of 325 and 70 and one check of 180$ for I765 should be payble to 'Department of Homeland Security', or 'United States Citizenship and Immigration Service'

    The form says it should be payble to 'Department of Homeland Security' and the immigration voice 485 help thread says it should be payble to 'United States Citizenship and Immigration Service' .

    Please suggest and sorry if this si a repost. I could not find a exact answer.


    Why 2 checks for I-485? My attorney advised 1 check for $395! And I was asked to issue the check favouring U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service.

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  • maddipati1
    09-06 01:55 AM
    good ide ras. change the title to start with 'Request to IV Core:' and add D.C. next to Washington.

    These Telugu Assn guys can really mobilize lots of people from DC, Virginia area.

    Pl. Send PMs to IV core members: WaldenPond, Pappu, Logiclife, Paskal etc..

    03-03 07:17 AM
    Some online news said about the proposed EB-6 visa (start-up visa bill) is to get $250,000 funding from US investor into your business and create 5 jobs or 1 Million dollars in profits within 2 years, then the entreprenur will be granted the US green card.

    No profits will be guaranteed in any kind of business. Personally I do think this EB-6 visa is very very difficult to work because it is NOT easy to find someone to invest those big sum of money into your business during this great economic recession. So I am thinking about why don�t give out green cards to international students who have advanced degree in Science & Medicine regardless of whether those students have a US job offer or not. It is because immigration of those international students lead to the inflow of knowledge and money to US and it will indirectly increase the US reputation and uplift the US economy. I do believe the inflow of knowledge and money are keys for immigration which are welcomed by all other countries in this world. Since those international students are trained by US and they are familiar with the US surroundings, therefore, I do think the inflow of money for immigration should be brought back to US. Also, if US absorb those inflow of knowlegable groups for immigration, US will become more and more famous in the world leadership of Science and Innovations. All rich and knowlegeable groups will be concentrated in US for world leadership. Moreover, those international students will buy houses, cars, computers and set up their own business for daily living and these will indirectly uplift the retail buying power and consequently uplift the US economy. In addition, more relatives or friends from those international students will be indirectly invited as visitors to US and these will increase the profits of the retail business, hotel reservations, restaurant business and airline tickets reservation. Also, those students established the companies to US will hire 1-5 persons and these will create job opportunities in US. All those inflow of money will bring tremendous monetary income to US economy.

    For those poor people who want to immigrate to US, we can give him a chance either to start up a business on their own to hire 1-5 persons or to invest a small to medium sum of money to those advanced degree graduates� business. Finally more jobs created, more people visit US for tourism and more money inflow for better US economy!!

    06-23 06:10 PM
    r u guys filing both applications with the same employer.

    Can I retain PD (Aug 2003) of EB3 labor application filed with Employer 1

    Now I have PERM approved in EB2 with employer 2

    Can I transfer PD in this case.

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