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  • JasperJanssen
    Apr 30, 03:52 AM
    It will never be. EU adds specific tax to all products so unless apple puts a factory somewhere in the EU it won't change.

    Uh, no. The difference in price between the US and the EU is the VAT or equivalent, which means that they will have to charge that for production isnide the EU just as well.

    The biggest difference is that in the US it's easier to get an iPhone on contract and then skip out on the contract. *That* makes a significant difference. 600 euros including VAT or 600 dollars excluding sales tax, not so much.

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  • John.B
    Apr 7, 03:30 PM
    Hey, Apple!!!

    Can you PLEASE include separate email signatures for separate email boxes?!?!?


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  • andiwm2003
    Jan 10, 05:49 PM
    well, i'm just about to buy a Jetta Sportwagon Diesel. This model wasn't updated but still remains the only station wagon with decent space, price and gas mileage in the USA. I would go for a Passat but it's too big for our driveway and no Diesel Wagon available.

    The car market here just plain sucks. There are not many useful models available. Mostly gas guzzling garbage or expensive luxury trash SUV's. Well each people gets the cars that they deserve..........

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  • niuniu
    Jun 6, 04:01 PM
    Nice work :)

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  • ghostlyorb
    Apr 25, 06:58 AM
    Better late than never?

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  • GGJstudios
    Dec 22, 09:28 AM
    Like this:

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  • dstankus
    Feb 9, 01:43 PM
    why dose at&t want you to get unlimited messaging?

    Because text messaging is almost pure profit for them.

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  • rorschach
    Apr 7, 09:04 AM
    On my iPhone 4, the animations are very choppy. For example when I tap an app, it doesn't "zoom" in...it just freezes for a second then the app appears. Not jailbroken, and it does this even after a restore.

    Hopefully this update will fix it...it's been going on for a while now.

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  • Sydde
    Mar 24, 12:18 AM
    My evidence? common sense through experiences, i've seen this situation enough.
    In other words, you got nothing. You are saying it should be obvious. I disagree. Your personal observations are anecdotal. It is indeed easy to understand how you might feel as you do, but to declare your opinion to be fact because, well, you feel that way and it should be obvious is a bit like telling everyone all about god. Some will nod their heads, others will gleefully describe your filling. Unless there is good solid evidence to support this "common sense", it is about as valid as Hogwarts.
    Okay, what do you think about the Sharia Law?
    Personally, I find theocracy distasteful, but to describe Shari'a as stupid extremist ideology is absurd. From what I have read of it, much is a fairly reasonable social code. Hardly any worse than what prevailed through most of Europe's history.

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  • MacRumorUser
    Jul 30, 09:03 AM
    None available in Kerry.

    So i had the choice of Vodafone PrePay 32GB for �689 (but get it by Tuesday 3'rd August( , or Apple Sim Free for �699 (But ships in 3 weeks)......

    I chose Apple in the hope that it ships sooner :(

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  • cranners
    Apr 22, 09:14 AM
    Just UITableViewCell ?

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  • AppliedVisual
    Nov 4, 04:03 PM
    got mine today. get it home. open it up. and.

    no earphones! the box is only held together with a sticker so i'm thinking they got jacked somewhere along the line. or maybe they where just missed on the assembly line. anyway. tech support said i should have a new pair at my door by tuesday.

    anyone else have issues?

    Hahahaa... Oh, wait, that really isn't funny. Well, yeah it is.

    Oh well, it happens... Probably missed during the packaging.

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  • likemyorbs
    Apr 14, 09:46 AM
    Just do what we do in the UK in our sports games and call the referee a wanker.

    We would if that word weren't so gay.

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  • cyrax83
    Jan 9, 09:21 PM
    I really hated this years keynote.

    Correct me if i'm wrong but Jobs said at the start of it that it was going to be all about the mac ? What happened.

    First he spends about 3/4 of an hour on the apple tv, which I think is an overpriced piece of junk anyway. It has no recording functionality what so ever, and for the price of $450 AU ? Please I could go out and buy a PVR or something that actually does something useful. Also 720p ? Thats beginning to get outdated even now with the introduction of blu-ray and HD-DVD, 720p simply is not good enough.

    Secondly he spends the rest of the keynote dedicated to an iPhone which isn't even available for another 6 months and another 12 months for the rest of the world. 6-12 Months ? Are you kidding me, I nearly choked. Shipping with a 2 megapixel camera and 4/8gb variants at a pretty high price, how will this technology fair in 6-12 months (which is a huge time in technology's perspective). A 2megapixel camera is already outdated with 3 mp becoming the standard and even nokias 5mp phone with GPS coming out very soon.

    What happened to leopard, or updates on the mac portable line ? Heres what happened, they ditched the computer from their name and now want to focus on **** overpriced gadgets. Yes the iPhone did look pretty nice, but for what it is/price/time of release, its lame.

    They seemed to have packed all these awesome features into the phone such as a great browser and google maps, and even widgets, but I just said to myself, whats the point ? Data charges here in Australia are INSANELY HIGH, how often would you use it ? Once in a blue moon - or never.

    They've called it a smart phone but what about the applications a smart phone really needs - such as a word processor or a spreadsheet. I for one will not be buying it as I already have a dedicated mp3 player and a phone, which I prefer as the mp3 player battery life doesnt affect my phone battery life.

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  • illy123
    Dec 8, 09:31 AM

    ChristMAC Icons: http://MDGraphs.deviantart.com/art/ChristMAC-icons-188611712?q=boost%3Apopular+ChristMAC&qo=0

    Santa Mail: http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&global=1&q=santa+mail#/d2fmp4j

    Bowtie-Christmas (used for iTunes): http://cl.ly/1F2u3a392N2t3n3Z2A1I

    WP (don't know original source): http://cl.ly/0v1K210C1v1m1q053r05

    How it turned out:

    http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/9104/screenshot20101208at152.th.png (http://img401.imageshack.us/i/screenshot20101208at152.png/)

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us (http://imageshack.us)

    One more question; how did you get the calendar on the wallpaper? PS? Thanks again :)

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  • imola.zhp
    Apr 13, 09:25 AM
    thanks for continuing to screw us 3gS owners over Apple...

    My phone is on its last leg, dropping calls all of the time, have to charge it 3 times a day. If I had known this, I would have already bought a 4...

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  • wrldwzrd89
    Aug 19, 09:56 AM
    Title says it all, really - they don't stand out as much now.

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  • kiljoy616
    Apr 27, 05:44 PM
    if they are not tracking people then why have the feature? maybe the information is for someone else??... who knows but one thing is for sure its an invasion of privacy..... even if I do stay home all day and night.

    Not only that but if it only tracked you for a time and then deleted it self automatically then I could see it but my understanding this is not just one day or week so in theory they can track you for a long time.

    For those who do not care fine I don't care what they think, this should be something that can be turned off without loosing other functionality.

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  • wordoflife
    Dec 9, 08:24 PM

    Jan 22, 09:08 AM
    It explains in the FAQ

    Apr 13, 11:25 AM
    I'm guessing you'll see the same form factor - similar to the 3G to the 3GS.

    Updates will likely be limited to:

    A5 Chip
    Higher Resolution Camera
    GSM/CDMA in the same device

    I can already hear Jobs, "It's a dual-core processor, IN A PHONE!". This is all speculation of course, but the updates are only going to be incremental.

    There's no reason for design specs or sizes to leak out, because Apple doesn't need to share them with any case makers or partners - it will be the same size as the iPhone 4. So, you won't hear about it until it's announced at WWDC (I don't believe the hype that it's been moved - thats just paranoid). We're likely to hear about iOS 5 this month or next.

    Apple needs to release something for the Summer Quarter (I don't know when their fiscal begins) for shareholders. If not, % growth in stocks will be down year over year for the quarter.

    Not that it matters to me. I only update once every 2 years and I have an iPhone 4 :)

    Apr 7, 08:39 AM
    I wonder how many of these posts are trolls? I haven't had any issues whatsoever with 4.3.1. I also didn't have any problems with 4.3; battery life has been absolutely stellar and call performance actually improved in 4.3.1.

    Battery life was atrocious for me on 4.3, but 4.3.1 completely fixed it. I get the "Call Failed" message sometimes too, but only about 5% of the time.

    Jan 18, 11:20 AM
    Similar thing for the areodynamics.

    really ?
    looking at _production_ cars:
    Toyota Prius from 2009: drag coefficient: 0.25

    Tatra 77a from 1935: 0.21
    Rumpler Tropfenwagen from 1921: 0.28

    the late 30ties were actually the high point in aerodynamics being the focus in automobile manufacturing: there are countless of other examples from the time which simply never made it into production because of the war:
    like the BMW K1 prototype which also achieved a value of 0.23 despite being a full 4 door saloon

    another interesting car: the Fiat Turbina prototype: which had a coefficient of 0.14 (a record for 30 years) but any further development shelved because of problems with the expieremental fuel gazzling overheating turbine engine ;)

    Jan 9, 03:11 PM
    This keynote was a huge letdown for me. Sure I think the iPhone looks amazing and it has me considering a switch to Cingular to get one.
    When I saw that the keynote was going to be 2 hours this time, I was super stoked. I just knew it was going to be jam-packed with new products, speed bumps on the computer lines, demos of leopard and iLife, etc. he spent 2 WHOLE HOURS talking about 2 products. I simply can't believe that. I know Steve wants to pimp out the iPhone as much as possible, but come on. Where was the "one more thing", etc? Sure there were really 3 things with the airport basestation being thrown in there without an announcement, but NOTHING that was discussed is available for immediate shipping.

    I've been anticipating this for months since the announcement of quad core processors in hopes of getting an 8 core Mac Pro on order today. I've been saving up and keeping my credit clear just for that purchase and I've been extremely disappointed.

    My only hope now is that since the quad cores are being released this week that they'll do a refresh soon down the line.

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