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  • touchtone561
    Feb 9, 11:58 AM
    Why is a calling feature tied to a messaging one?

    Probably cause they want to shakedown all the non-unlimited messenger customers with a new tiered messaging structure.

    Perhaps, this new feature isn't a bad deal with A-List, etc.

    Now if I had only more than 1.5 bars and an iPhone that didn't go toaster hot (not cylon) :D when I try to use it on the first floor of my home.

    So when do you think the LTE Microcell(s) will arrive? [off topic]

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  • hansiedejong
    Oct 13, 09:28 AM
    From the iPad / iPhone wallpaper.


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  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 28, 05:44 AM
    Umm ok.

    I might revise that to say annoying people of all religions and sexualities (?) and races, etc.. stick out. It doesn't sound quite so...bad.


    I have yet to hear of an annoying lesbian blowing herself, and others, up.

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  • c-Row
    Oct 6, 06:49 AM
    No. It's fairly common sense stuff really to stick code in like class="title" instead of class="blue" to infer structure in a document, not the design.

    I agree - especially about the class="blue" example. This will lead into problems as soon as the element should be given another colour in the future. However, the original post reads like "Hey, let's say this <element> is LARGE and let the browser decide what a LARGE <element> should look like, how large it should be, etc..."; and that's what I criticise.

    csszengarden is also just ONE underlying document structure and not a terribly practical one either. It's there to showcase what can be done just with CSS, not how to design a practical semantically led page.

    Guess the main problem is that they can't update the initial document structure afterwards - otherwise there would be problems with all the designs.

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  • jrko
    Apr 16, 05:23 AM
    What version of CHUD are you using? is it the 3.5.2?

    yeah it's 3.5.2 thats the right one for 10.4. Is it the same for 10.5?

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  • rezenclowd3
    Dec 3, 02:50 AM
    My current 2 wallpapers on both my Moto Droid and MBP:



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  • darlingselma
    Mar 10, 05:00 PM
    Does anyone know how to capture HD footage as SD? My camera's a Canon HDV 30, got Final Cut Express HD and iMovie HD to work with.

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  • Lz0
    Nov 3, 08:05 PM
    I really liked this one. I've tried many other apps that gather the Album Cover art for iTunes songs/albums but this is the best by far.

    It's called Clutter (http://www.sprote.com/clutter/).

    Launch Clutter when you have iTunes open. As a song is playing, Clutter automatically looks up the album art. Once found, under the File menu select copy to iTunes and BAM, it's there for the WhOLE album. Sweet.

    One note. If it doesn't find the art, just go under the File menu and choose "Find cover in Amazon". Just type in different variations of the artist or song and i'm sure it'll pop up.


    Doesn't run on 10.3

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  • balamw
    Mar 28, 09:00 PM
    Does this help: http://developer.apple.com/library/mac/#documentation/FileManagement/Conceptual/understanding_utis/understand_utis_declare/understand_utis_declare.html


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  • partyBoy
    Apr 8, 01:24 AM

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  • neut
    Feb 14, 02:44 PM
    Thanks for all your comments, helpful or otherwise, it shows what this place means to us.

    It definitely does ... i spend way too much time here. Better spent here than in other unproductive forums. Macs (here) and audio (osxaudio) are the only things that get me to post. :D


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  • jettredmont
    Apr 4, 04:44 PM
    Stop with the FUD already. Businesses operating in the EU cannot do this. Just because corporations in the USA can, doesn't mean the rest of the world is the same... :rolleyes:

    And I'm sure that the FT has no subscribers in the US, hence they don't care about subscriber information and the ability to sell it out ...

    Oh, wait, they just turned down the ability to drastically increase readership and better serve their existing readers while saving in printing and distribution costs and reducing their billing processing needs, so that they could preserve the income from selling that subscriber information.

    I don't think it's FUD. It's simple logic. If they are going to the mat to protect a revenue stream, it is unreasonable to assume that that revenue stream is insignificant. :rolleyes:

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  • iamhammill
    Aug 10, 06:33 PM
    I still think $500 is a pretty good price, but at this point I'll say OBO.

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  • NoExpectations
    Apr 28, 09:30 AM
    The real measurement of how well the CDMA phone will do is when apple releases the iPhone 5. That way people can measure the performance when both carriers are starting off at the same time.

    If the iPhone 5 Rumors are true, the iPhone 5 will still have CDMA access for the Verizon version and all of its crippled features: slow network, no data/voice multitasking, limited conference call abilities.

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  • FraZant
    Jun 10, 06:13 AM
    Did anyone hear the word 'Tasks' mentioned? Colors in iCal isn't bad when long overdue. But an iPhone without Tasks (not to mention recurring Tasks) is still not a substitute for a plain organizer, be it a Palm or a BlackBerry. Did I miss it or are we still waiting for the next Update? For the time being I'll stick to my T5 and my old Siemens Mobile.

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  • Silas1066
    Dec 26, 09:57 AM
    I find that people who claim supporting Macs is just a labor-intensive as supporting Windows machines are those who haven't implemented Macs properly and really don't know what they are doing.

    Why do Windows machines use Group Policies? To push software out to machines, sure -but the real reason is to lock down machines that are by their very design security risks.

    I have to use Windows 7 at work in order to run Cisco tools I use. It is a brand new machine, but nevertheless

    1. I have had to fix the registry twice after installing Opera -if you install that into Windows 7 the system starts generating security errors and warnings, and you can no longer open hyperlinks in Outlook. This is Microsoft preventing you from installing 3rd party browsers into Windows 7 -I don't have these issues on my Mac (I run 3 browsers there)

    2. Many 3rd party and legacy applications do not work correctly, even when run in compatibility mode. I had to rig the system to run some of these apps (more wasted time).

    3. The antivirus slows down the system

    I could go on and on, but this is a productivity issue: I am not as productive on Windows as I am on a Mac. Microsoft has been in disarray for years and it shows. Why on Server 2008 does the utility "Server Management" and "Manage Server" point to 2 totally different applications? Sounds like someone is shipping off projects to India and not paying attention.

    Now before I get accused of MS bashing, I will point out that MS makes excellent front-end applications such as Office. This is where the company shines (Access is really great product). They just make crappy operating systems and servers.

    If you use Open Directory and Preferences, you can control networked Macs. You can use shared libraries to further enhance this. Problem with a mac? Use screen sharing to go check it out. I put in a all-OSX network in a medical center not long ago -not one MS product used. It even included iPads that doctors would carry around to interface with a web-enabled database. Aside from a general question here and there, I never get called about serious system issues. That network is rock-solid.

    People stick with MS because that is what they know, and they are scared of OSX/Macs. We are moving to a web-based infrastructure and the old client-server model that MS is based on is going away ...

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  • asphalt-proof
    Apr 21, 07:39 AM
    I don't think that they should include the ipod touch. There is no android equivalent. iOS has been out longer too, they will have previous market saturation (android released october 2008 more than a year after iOS). We need to look at the growth numbers.

    I like how they can track individual users (scares me).

    As mentioned before, iPhone has continually been compared to Android as platform rather than manufacturer's phone to phone. If that is the way people want to play than they must comparing ALL iOS devices to all Android devices because you are now comparing OS platforms to OS platforms. One reason is that it offers developers a better metric for them when evaluating what their potential ROI will be when they release an app. When releasing an app for iOS, it is accessible by iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Kind of a no-brainer way to measure in my book.

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  • hulugu
    Apr 4, 11:57 PM
    Okay, i just want to clarify somethings.

    If an officer tells a teenage girl "try to avoid dressing provocatively", and you'll lower your chances of sexual assault, i find that to be fine.
    Keep in mind we're not talking about Africa or Middle East, we're talking about US and there are women who get sexually assaulted regardless of what they're wearing...

    Remarkably, the Iranian 'morality' police use your exact logic to force women to cover up, lest a hint of ankle might incense men to commit some terrible act.
    The only difference is the amount of skin that makes such acts justifiable in some way, after all, the girl doesn't respect herself.

    Men who rape women are monsters. Full stop and no amount of false equivalence will change this.

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  • babyt
    Sep 8, 01:48 PM
    this is my digital publishing [college class] iMac's screenshot. [24"]:D
    cant wait to get my macbookpro :(

    Nov 2, 07:56 AM
    New iPod Shuffle ordered from the Apple Store on Oct 30 is bieng delivered today - 5 days ahead of the original delivery date that Apple initially promised.

    Apr 26, 09:52 PM
    As a lesbian, I take this passage to mean that having sex with a man is detestable. So, what you're saying is that you find it detestable for a woman to have sex with a man? Lesbians everywhere thank you for your support.
    No straight man in their right mind would find lesbian sex detestable...

    Feb 11, 03:00 PM
    anyone know where i can get this wallpaper?


    Dec 20, 12:01 AM
    Hmm...this isn't nearly as cool as the original 132KB one. Heh...oh well.

    Feb 18, 12:02 AM
    February iPad wallpapers



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