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vampire diaries damon pics

vampire diaries damon pics. The Damon-and-Vicki dance
  • The Damon-and-Vicki dance

  • toddybody
    Apr 28, 09:53 AM
    Had to share this pic from Tom's Hardware...


    vampire diaries damon pics. Vampire Diaries Damon
  • Vampire Diaries Damon

  • Pez555
    Apr 25, 06:06 AM
    Your Missing the point, it is a complete waste for apple to release this phone in this color.

    #1 - it has taken them almost a year to work out the paint issues with this thing meaning that they have been putting R&D money effertlessly into a phone color, all for what?

    #2 - If you are the few that dont have a cover of a "bumper" for your phone, then you will get to show off your cool new white phone which will take on every scratch and every dirt stain you can imagine.

    #3 - If they have worked so long and hard on this new color, to mass produce it and ship it all over the world, just before they are going to release a new product, within 6 months (approximately) dont you think they would just for go the ip4 white and just apply it to the IP5 and get prepared for that?

    #4 - WHO CARES, who literally waited this long for the white Iphone? honestly who in their right minds would have held out to wait for this phone. If someone was going to get an Iphone I dont think the lack of color selection was a deterrent.

    What a waste of money, time and hype... this is honestly one of the worst ideas apple has had, or do they actually just have so much money they can afford a huge bill for a product that was either going to be purchased or not regardless of the color.

    urgh, worst post i have read on here for a while.

    Apple aren't losing anything by offering a choice to the customer. It's still the same phone and costs the same. Not sure why you are saying its a complete waste. People will still buy it.

    Also, remember Apple will be selling the iPhone 4 for another year at least alongside the iPhone 5. Its not like the iPhone 4 is going to disappear from the shelves as soon as the iPhone 5 releases.

    You do know scratches are less visible on white also. It is the same glass as the black iPhone so im not sure what you are getting at with the stain remark.

    vampire diaries damon pics. vampire diaries,damon
  • vampire diaries,damon

  • wovel
    Apr 4, 11:03 AM
    So because you don't like Financial Times it's okay for everyone that they are holding out iPad subscriptions. This is exactly what's wrong with you Apple fanboys.

    You should be penalizing Apple for allowing this to happen. but instead you jump for joy.

    Why? Because Apple does not support publisher's selling your personal information to third parties. Something FT and many others do not even allow you to opt out of? You are seriously coming out in favor of this very consumer unfriendly practice?

    Are you also going to criticize Apple for asking their suppliers not to use child labor?

    vampire diaries damon pics. Vampire Diaries tells the
  • Vampire Diaries tells the

  • jicon
    Sep 26, 09:23 PM
    This news underscores to me that Mail 2.0 is really only a somewhat decent web interface for your email.

    It's a crime that any application with WYSIWYG support won't allow you to select non-contiguous text to apply formatting.

    Fine and dandy that .Mac is getting an overhaul, but I'm really hoping for some big improvements for Mail in Leopard.

    vampire diaries damon pics. Vampire Diaries) versus
  • Vampire Diaries) versus

  • mc68k
    Jun 15, 11:56 AM
    i checked team mac os x's website and also the official folding forums. they both said that stanford is still working on native cores. ppl have run non-native cores on rosetta, linux, windows, parallels etc.


    vampire diaries damon pics. #39;The Vampire Diaries#39; Videos:
  • #39;The Vampire Diaries#39; Videos:

  • iStudentUK
    May 4, 08:05 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    There was talk if waterboarding providing some intell, but this is now in serious doubt.

    Torture and inhumane treatment is unacceptable (even if you call it enhanced interrogation). The US should adopt something equivalent to Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights. It prohibits torture in ANY circumstance, it is an absolute right.

    No matter the situation, even in the ticking bomb thought experiment, torture should not be used.

    vampire diaries damon pics. #39;The Vampire Diaries#39;: Damon
  • #39;The Vampire Diaries#39;: Damon

  • Lord Blackadder
    May 5, 12:49 PM
    Nope, not too squeamish just going by the thread title. It's torture, there you happy?

    No, I'm not, because I want it to stop. But at least you are speaking in plain english now.

    Again, we are not europe. So europe doesn't torture and where has that gotten them? They still get attacked by terrorists, even sweden, go figure. Moral superiority or not, safety of our nation and other western nations is more important. If torture is needed to get that information and save thousands of lives, then we should do it.

    This has nothing to do with Europe vs the US. Europe doesn't have any bearing on whether Americans feel torture is an acceptable activity. I don't think we need to torture people in order to combat terrorism. Torture is wrong, it damages our credibility and brutalizes us as a society. I want no part in it, and bin Laden's carcass is a very poor reward for the hundreds of thousands of people who have died during this quest to find him. After 9/11, the US received genuine sympathy from all over the world. We've squandered that goodwill and then some over the last decade.

    Someone has to do the dirty work, and it's always us. But that's ok, that's how it's always been and it's why we're such a proud nation.

    American exceptionalism at its worst. As long as you think you're better than everyone else, you'll be blind to reality and it will cost us in the end.

    vampire diaries damon pics. Damon then says the book quot;has
  • Damon then says the book quot;has

  • virtu
    Apr 16, 11:17 AM
    First hours using Mac.. never played around with such system =)

    vampire diaries damon pics. from The Vampire Diaries.
  • from The Vampire Diaries.

  • mad jew
    Sep 8, 07:58 AM
    What some people do for money. :rolleyes:

    vampire diaries damon pics. Vampire Diaries Damon:
  • Vampire Diaries Damon:

  • norrismantooth
    Mar 31, 10:13 AM
    Does anyone else think this is a desperate attempt by Adobe to stay in the tablet game?

    They're making software for a device produced by a company that wants nothing to do with them.

    Does the software use Adobe's AIR?

    vampire diaries damon pics. Vampire-Diaries
  • Vampire-Diaries

  • .Andy
    May 4, 04:56 PM
    As for the poster who asked what has been gained by his death, its called retribution.
    I hope your pretulant sense of retribution is worth hundreds of thousands of innocent individual lives lost as well as the lives of thousands of
    americans servicemen and women. I also hope in terms of retribution you'll understand why friends and family of many innocents wronged will seek their own retribution.

    To torture a defenseless individual is sick and against human rights. To cheerlead the torture of defenseless individuals by others for your own sense of retribution is both sick and cowardly.

    vampire diaries damon pics. to be fine.
  • to be fine.

  • andi242
    May 1, 01:41 AM
    why would the file be "Untitled"?
    (is this even shot in Lion?)

    vampire diaries damon pics. damon-and-elena-the-vampire-
  • damon-and-elena-the-vampire-

  • k1121j
    May 1, 09:21 AM
    Kinda funny they should pick Castle for a code name LOL


    vampire diaries damon pics. vampire-diaries-promo-poster-
  • vampire-diaries-promo-poster-

  • Multimedia
    Nov 2, 08:05 PM
    i pre-ordered mine at the beginning of october, and got it this morning (engraving and all--wow, small engraving font!).Could we see a picture of your engraving please?

    vampire diaries damon pics. vampire diaries damon pics. at
  • vampire diaries damon pics. at

  • appleapplefan
    Feb 17, 01:45 AM
    i dont get the option on the 550 min plan
    iPhone is burning when using, see this news: (http://www.getgek.com/iphone-mobile-phone/iphone-is-burning-by-itself-you-scare.html). I am sure all iphone users will be scared from this moment on! :mad:

    vampire diaries damon pics. vampire diaries damon pics.
  • vampire diaries damon pics.

  • maclaptop
    Apr 26, 08:28 AM
    why even bother coming out with a white iphone for this year? Does anyone really care anymore?

    They blew it so bad, it should be brown :)

    Poor suckers can't cut it.

    Flippin rotten Apple con job.

    vampire diaries damon pics. #39;The Vampire Diaries#39; Damon
  • #39;The Vampire Diaries#39; Damon

  • PlipPlop
    Apr 20, 05:08 PM
    You guys are hysterical.

    Yup, and even counting all those devices, Apple is absolutely flattening Android.

    Once again, for those keeping score at home:
    Apple has the most popular OS
    Apple has the most popular handset
    Apple has the most profit
    Apple has the most apps
    Apple has the most developer revenue

    Yeah, Android is really sticking it to iOS!

    350k phones sold a day omg!

    vampire diaries damon pics. The Vampire Diaries- Damon
  • The Vampire Diaries- Damon

  • kalsta
    May 1, 06:33 AM
    What's with all the names changes?

    iTools -> .Mac -> MobileMe -> iCloud

    It's not the name that's hindering Apple's online efforts, it's the pricing, features and reliability.


    Apple will come to its senses and launch this as a free service. If not in this iteration, perhaps the next. :)

    vampire diaries damon pics. The Vampire Diaries is finally
  • The Vampire Diaries is finally

  • yellow
    Oct 4, 10:06 AM
    Well, the company where I have work has 30,000 email users and it runs perfectly on a 8 Core AIX Power5 machine

    Same here, except we have 2x that many users on Notes. I find it funny all the emails sent out that we get as Domain Notes Admins complaining about mail files nearing the 2GB limit (file size limitation in the version of AIX being used).

    Jan 10, 11:38 AM
    All of this 'what about the Mac' stuff is a little harsh. If Steve's got an Octo-Core Mac Pro coming in a few weeks, then he's not going to say so now.

    While I see your point on that, Dell is already offering computer configs that have dual quad core chips. Granted, they say they're not shipping for a while, but people can go there and know they've got an octo core coming, where with Apple we're still having to guess- will it happen, what kind of specs can we expect, and most importantly, how much?

    Jul 23, 09:25 AM
    File creator for iMovie is: Hway
    File type for iMovie is: TeXT

    iMovie files are just script files.

    Mar 25, 11:12 AM
    They need to improve the worthless notification system in iOS more than the maps.

    never been an issue for me. id rather have better maps stuff, since i use that near daily.

    Apr 25, 10:46 AM
    I still think the white one is ugly as hell, but whatever.

    Apr 7, 02:40 PM
    Bristol Fighter, yaeh!

    You can have it up to 1000 bhp and still take it down the shops. If I can get one before middle age it'll be in orange, otherwise I'll have it in grey (a la Porsche Sport Classic)
    Side profile isn't the best, but other than that, it's a pretty sweet looking piece. The front, in particular, is quite nice.

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