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  • gcseeker2002
    08-27 04:56 PM
    I sumited my wife's & my I140 and I485 together in this July 2nd, 2007. I'm the primary applicant and in EB3 category. I already got receipt and the requesting for fingerprinting. If i file a divorce now does it going to have any effect on my processing?

    this is very important.
    Sad to see this friend. I dont think it affects principal candidate's processing but dependant's processing may be in trouble.

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  • desi3933
    04-06 12:43 PM
    By theoritical no problem, if you have credits equal to US bachelors and masters degrees.....

    Could you please share source/link for your assertion?


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  • makemygc
    06-22 11:14 AM
    Please help...

    It is not possible to save any information on PDF forms if need to correct anything later..

    Any idea how to save data on all the forms...

    No..I tried all options..even hacking pdf security, print-to-file etc.;) . I left those pdfs open in my laptop and I never close my home laptop.

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  • shukla77
    01-02 11:45 AM
    Does anyone know why NSC is slow in the I140 processing that TSC? My I140 date is October 25'06 and I think I would have to get that converted into Premimum Processing if I dont get approval in next 2 months. I aksed my attorney but she has no clue about the realistic processing times.

    Good Luck to all.



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  • Solong
    07-21 12:53 PM
    My H1-B visa expired on June 16, 2007. Extension (I-129) has been filed in May 2007 (before expiration). It has not been approved yet. It's still pending. My LC has been approved on July 09, 2007 and my PD is April 2004. My question is: Can I file concurrently I-140 and I-485? Will my application be rejected or will an RFE be issued?

    Thanks for your input.


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  • spicensour
    06-17 01:26 PM
    PD - august 2002
    140 AP - august 2005

    485/EA/AP - sent it out today
    Have you recd. any communication from the processing center yet. I sent the forms on June 5 and have not heard anything yet.
    Does anybody on the forum know how many days does it take for the processing center to acknowledge?
    PD aug 2003.
    I140 March 2006
    I485/AP/ sent on June 05,2007.


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  • desitechie
    12-30 05:33 PM
    Ajay, did you receive 3 years of H1 extension? I am in my 5th year of initial H1B. wondering if I will receive 3 years extension when I file for H1B transfer with an approved 140. I am changing jobs using AC21 to join a new employer.

    Let me know your exp. Did you also get new I-94 attached with H1B ext approval notice?

    You will get 3 years H1B extension since ur 140 is already approved.

    I94 will come with the I797A approval.

    This is what happened to me.

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  • panky72
    06-19 03:43 PM
    As far as I know, NO he cannot.

    That's correct. I clarified it with my attorney in past. Primary applicant has to maintain H-1 status to support H-4 for the spouse and he cannot use EAD to work.


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  • Saiom19
    08-09 12:07 PM
    I think "augustus" worry is related to the application acceptance ...what if USCIS sends it back post August 17, 2007? One way to check that USCIS has accepted application is cheque clearance....well we are all in the same boat......Happy sailing!!

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  • jasmin45
    07-23 07:44 AM
    akshayadalti -> person who voted yes...please provide more details
    He is the one who says" Oops! I made a mistake" look at his screen name.. do you expect him to be right at all? :)


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  • rajpatelemail
    01-15 06:40 AM
    Are we screwed by DOL ? -Changing Environment of PERM Labor Certification Application

    From immigratgion-law.com Mathew Oh Blog link--->>>

    01/15/2009: Changing Environment of PERM Labor Certification Applications

    I reported quite earlier and repeatedly the changes in the PERM application process, most noticeably since August 2007. The change was in part triggered by the political pressures relating the various release of fraud investigation reports involving foreign labor certifications. Accordingly, the DOL adopted "integrity" as the focus and goal for the PERM program beginning from FY 2008. As part of the move, it has been reengineering the PERM and termporary labor certification programs including revision of the filing forms (ETA 9089 and ETA 9035). The rule making process for such changes has lately been completed and as a preparatory step to launch the reengineered foreign labor certification program, they have just announced that they are scheduling briefing sessions in the first part of February 2009 for the public and stakeholders to introduce the new program. Initial information indicated that the new program was going to be launched in the late Spring, but this briefing schedules more or less imply that the change in PERM application may come somewhat sonner than the "late" Spring. The reengineered ETA 9089 incorporates many features that are intended and targeted to achieve integrity of the labor certification process. For the reasons, the DOL performance report lowered the target processing time from less than two months in earlier days to six months. Surprisingly, though, even before they launched the new PERM program, the processing times have already reached six months or longer, partly owing to the lawsuit settlement and case loads with earlier priority dates under the settlement turned into the regular non-audit processing queue. Reportedly, this and other factors have caused recent priority date cases caught and frozen in the processing queue. Until recently, no approval of cases with priority dates later than May 2008 has been reported. However, people start seeing reports during the last few days that June 2008 cases have been adjudicated and certified, implying that the impact of the aftermath of the lawsuit settlement started diminishing. However, the immigrant community may not see any dramatic changes in the processing times in the future because of the upcoming launch of the reengineered PERM program.
    Another environment, other than program focus on "integrity," that will cause continuous and difficult labor certification process is the economic recess producing massive unemployment. Since availability of certification of PERM applications should be footed on "unavailability" of qualified and "available" U.S. workers, it appears that the Office of Foreign Labor Certification is launching mechanisms to achieve "integrity" of labor certification under the ever increasing unemployment rate since rising unemployment implies that more and more qualified U.S. workers may be available in the labor markets in various areas and regions. One mechanism which they have already announced is to conduct research of unemployment rate in the job site locations and its surrounding areas by reaching commercial and noncommercial websites before they adjudicate the applications. Related to this mechanism, it appears that the adjudicators may mobilize "supervised recruitment" mechanism to require the employer's rerecruitment activities under the supervision of the OFLC when they consider or suspect the employers' claims of unavailability of U.S. workers are considered dubious considering various circumstances, including the changing labor market conditionss and high unemployment situation in the areas. Potential use of the second mechanism may be implied from the FAQs on Supervised Recruitment which the office has just released on its website. The announcement states that clean supervised recruitment cases may be completed in about six months, but it is obvious that most of these cases may take much and much longer than six months. Another fall-out of potential focus on supervised recruitment mechanism is the accompanying policy of pogtential increased debarment of employers and lawyers who are suspected to file PERM applications with misrepresentations. Accordingly, the byproduct of exercise of the supervised recruitment will be more likely increase in the number of debarment of employers and their representatives.
    Under the changing environment, what should the employers do? (1) They should quickly familiarize themselves with the new PERM program. Since the new form requires different standards and procedures, their ongoing receruitment may produce a result that does not conform with the new program. Participation in the upcoming breafing sessions in San Diego and Washington D.C metropolitan area in the first week of February may be one way to achieve it. (2) Employers and representatives may initiate their own research on the changing labor market situation in the area where the application is filed and may be prepared for potential supervised recruitment decisions of the agency, should they find the unemployment rate is exceedingly high or the employers themselves have the record of lay-off of their own employees. All of these may have to be done before they develop recruitment plans and strategies. (3) Employers should review and comply, as closely as possible, with the O*Net job zones and acceptable level of education, experience, and special requirements under the O'Net system. ghe more the employer deviates in requirement from the job zone standards, the more they may face challenges including audits and even supervised recruitment. Considering the prediction of further increase of unemployment rate and deterioration of nation's economy this year, the foregoing may be a challenging task for the employers

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  • STAmisha
    05-21 05:48 PM
    I hope this bill DIES


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  • Jerrome
    07-27 12:33 PM
    What was the RFE on the Birth Certificate and 325?. It would be helpful for people who are filling now to avoid the mistakes.

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  • H1B-GC
    11-14 02:00 PM
    Dear All ,
    I recently got my I-140 approved, got our(me and spouse) EAD and AP too.Now what I am wondering is that
    1.Am I still on H1 status or the status now becomes EAD ?
    2. If my H1 still holds good then should I go back to India to get my fresh H1 stamping as it will expire november next year or should I go for one year H1 extensions(as I heard from friends ) till I get the GC ?
    3. Is there any stipulated time limit within which my wife has to apply for her SSN( we have not yet applied for it. )
    4. My passport is going to expire on December next year. Do I need to go to India for renewal or it can be done from here itself. If it can be done from here itself then when is the earliest to start that process ?( I will be happy if u could send some links that will guide me ).

    Thank you very much in advance.


    Hope this wonderful Forum is helping to the best it can by ans. your questions. Please visit often and follow the Action Alerts on the Home page.Please spread the Word in your community and your Friends and do not shy away in contributing to keep to site up and running all the time.


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  • CaliHoneB
    01-11 01:06 PM
    I hope I am posting in the right space and hoping to get some input from people who have been in a similar situation.
    My mother is coming from India (Hyderabad) to San francisco . The ticket was booked in India and we were hoping to get a travel companion for her and help her through gate changes, customs and related stuff. When we talked to travel agents they kept postponing until one week before departure (She leaves on 14th). Now they were able to locate one companion until London but after that they split.
    Eventhough wheelchair assistance was requested from London and confirmed. I am worried that she never traveled by herself and she wouldn't be able to complete all the forms or answer all the questions or even stand in the right queue by herself at the port of entry in San francisco.
    I am sure there will be other passengers from London to San francisco but I want to talk to them before she gets on the plane and not leave to chance and hope somebody helps her. With all the new privacy issues how do we get in touch with Telugu(worst case Hindi) speaking people on the plane from London to San francisco.

    I would appreciate your input

    Thanks in advance

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  • Canadian_Dream
    07-25 02:02 PM
    IMO: That's the best option to pursue in this situation. Make sure you clearly mention in both I-140/I-485 applications that you have a pending I-140/I-485 (with Receipt Numbers etc). Also send a small write-up along with all the applications explaining the situation and reason for the second filing.

    I would file a separate I-485 and I-140 for this other LC. Experts, what say?


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  • sanju_dba
    01-07 02:17 PM
    i see the estimate tool is showing
    max weekly is $415
    max benifits is $10k

    I thought it was like 1/2 of your salary.

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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    09-12 11:10 AM
    Not anymore...

    EB2 India followed by EB3 India. If we take this "sampling" of information with a mild grain of salt, then it still does tally up with the distribution of the retrogressed dates. EB2 IN is U, EB3 IN is mid April. EB3 RoW is further along down the line.. not many illegals coming under RoW.

    Manny, in your next poll you might want to atleast get the 2002 & before, 2003, 2004 2005, 2006+ PD distribution of EB2 India and 01Apr2001-30Apr2001, rest of EB3 India. I think once those 245(i) illegal buttplugs are out of the way, EB3 IN should move at a good pace. But that may not happen until 2012-2014.

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  • beautifulMind
    07-16 10:44 PM
    if suppose DOL approves the new job position then can I also convert to EB2 with new position and continue to use EAD of old position

    08-07 09:55 AM
    you made my day.....it was so funny

    It was Funny....

    10-09 02:33 PM
    Thank you guyes.I am trying to get hold of there chicago office but no luck so far.

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