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  • uslegals
    12-21 12:04 PM
    Thanks Guys.! this is really, really helpful. Appreciate your advice.!!

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  • ssss
    08-03 08:25 PM
    Forgetting passwds is normal, especially for IT guys :D

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  • mtsaha
    08-09 11:12 AM

    I am concurrently filing I-485 with I-140 (already e-filed).
    The instructions say that I need to write "alien receipt number"
    behind my 2 photos that need to be submitted with i-485.
    What is this "alien receipt number"?

    Thanks for any help!

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  • sGC
    08-08 04:50 PM

    Recently we went for interview and they requested a PCC for my wife since her finger prints were non classiable. So i have contacted my local city police and they have requested to contact the nj state police. The nj state police has requested a fill out a form with all the details anf they took the finger prints. my question is since the finger prints taken were non classifiable earlier how are these FP's taken by the state police going to help them. do i have to do anything else? has any one been in the same situation?



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  • AtulKRaizada
    07-18 08:07 PM
    Hello Atul

    I agree only crying baby gets milk.
    But only lucky applicants get green card :). Its not based on eligibility alone.
    Now about protests and demonstrations. I dont think it will work in the US for a myriad of reasons.

    I think every year about 30K or more people are coming from India
    on H1B. I think half of them apply for GC. At least 200K Indian nationals
    alone waiting in the line for GC. Why IV has only 5k? We should have atlease 50K members.

    A working plan would be get atleast 100K people to our organization and have everybody contribute $100. That would give us $10Million. We can hire top people and companies to get it done. And donate big funds to these politician.

    What I told is just a dream. Most of us here are free riders. In my company there are 5 people who are affected. I'm the only who checks regulary this site. I have to tell them again and again and again to send a fax or donate.
    So what to do?


    I agree and I am also fully aware of the numbers, but just don't limit it to we Indians, every immigrant irrespective of origin is impacted. I hate to call it a donation, I rather say everybody contribute as much as possible. $100 is nothing compared to immigration fee and extortion by attorneys and consulting companies.

    Somebody has to come forward and show leadership. Just sitting and waiting for every month Visa Bulletin is not going to take us anyware.

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  • xyz_jay
    11-28 07:06 AM
    This is great.. but is there any qualifications 2 join or our countries must be the same or, what?


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  • xiaomatu
    06-05 04:33 PM
    My I-140 was approved on 5/8/2008 and my attorney received the original approval notice on 5/14/2008. The online status on uscis website was like "approved, approval notice sent" at that time. But since 5/22/2008, the onlien status changed again into:


    Current Status: Document mailed to applicant.

    On May 22, 2008 we mailed the document to the address we have on file. You should receive the new document within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service.

    Anybody has any idea what this "New document" could be? My attorney said he has not received anything yet. Thanks in advance.

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  • misanthrope
    05-10 06:07 PM
    What the heck do you mean by "we" are expecting?

    Who's "We".

    Just stop spreading random rumors. If u have anything credible to say then say so. Otherwise stop.

    I think its a royal we.


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  • sid_das
    04-21 06:36 PM
    sorry didnt see the last 2 lines of your post starscream....

    i will talk to some lawyers and hopefully get some answers.

    my company said the appeal will take atleast 6-7 months nowadays...

    i can work till then without issues.

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  • lj_rr
    07-30 10:13 AM
    So the USCIS article asks you to select Nebraska or Texas based on where you live.
    Another place I read that it is based on location of permanent employment.

    For me my employer is based at NJ and I work for a client in CA.
    They have sent my 485 to Texas. Does this look Ok.

    http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=eb7b5cdc2c463110VgnVCM1000004718190aRCR D&vgnextchannel=fe529c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD


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  • shimul99
    09-20 04:15 PM
    is there any possiblity that the EB3-ROW from Bngladesh become current soon. can you tell any approx.....days. What about in October....i heard that the new visa will be available in Oct every year. Is there any quota for different countries....??????? thanks again

    your application will be accepted and processed (since you applied when your date was current), but it cant be approved until you are current again. So you can keep getting/renewing EADs/APs, security and background checks will happen etc, but no final approval until EB3-ROW becomes current for your PD.

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  • dealsnet
    02-23 03:13 PM
    She can't renew her H1B after 6 years. She can work using EAD or choose not to work. No need for H4 also. If you want a cover for you, she need to file PERM for her to start a process for her. No other way for cover. If you work for sponsoring employer, your H1B is still valid, eventhough you enter with AP.


    1. I have my I-140 approved, applied for I-485 and have EAD/AP
    2. Spouse has her own H1-B, and applied for I-485, based on my I-140, and has EAD/AP
    3. Both have 6 years of H1-B expiring later this year (both from different companies)

    I can extend my H1-B based on pending applications.
    QUESTION 1: Can my wife extend her H1-B (beyond 6th year) based on her pending I-485?

    My present H1-B expires in November, but I will probably get my new H1-B renewed by June. I intend to travel in September. I don't intend to go for visa stamping and not use my AP. This is because I have a valid stamp until November.

    Question: When I am at the port of entry, I will have my old H1-B valid for 2 more months and also the visa stamp valid for 2 more months, but a new H1-B I-797 is already approved. Will this cause a problem?



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  • adusumilli
    12-06 10:29 AM
    they said i have to wait for 45 days i think my the service request is opened only like a week back. so still waiting.

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  • ps57002
    09-14 07:50 AM
    I see IV has done an excellent job in promoting the event as I see it listed in several newspapers (and listed on lawfirm websites such as murthy, siskund, etc. I think it will be a huge turnout and you want to be a part of this exciting rally. If you're thinking "well there's enough people already" then you need to think "i'm doing my part, that's what matters, no matter how many show/don't show up". Stand up for what is right. Stand up cause enough is enough. Stand up because each and every one counts. Come on to D.C. You'll make a lot of new friends and can have fun in person talking to people who understand....you can talk about your receipts in person too :p Will be great...don't miss out.



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  • maristella61
    04-20 09:22 AM
    He is talking about the original first letter of approval , not an extension

    Does any one have any input or suggestion?

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  • cdeneo
    06-07 04:03 PM
    Does anyone know what is going on with Sen Cantwell's amendment (1249) that was favorable to high skilled immigration?


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  • yabadaba
    08-07 09:26 AM
    are you dumb or something????

    this has been out for weeks...we are waiting for the september bulletin

    what a moron!

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  • lifestrikes
    03-10 10:25 AM
    Report: U.S. needs immigration boost of high-skilled workers - CNN.com (http://edition.cnn.com/2011/US/03/09/texas.fed.immigration/)

    Link to Report - http://www.dallasfed.org/fed/annual/2010/ar10b.pdf

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  • sbdol
    07-21 07:11 PM
    My H1-B visa expired on June 16, 2007. Extension (I-129) has been filed in May 2007 (before expiration). It has not been approved yet. It's still pending. My LC has been approved on July 09, 2007 and my PD is April 2004. My question is: Can I file concurrently I-140 and I-485? Will my application be rejected or will an RFE be issued?

    Thanks for your input.

    Yes you can. As far as I can see there is nothing unusual/illegal in your situation.

    05-17 09:26 AM
    I have my H1 B extension approved for 1 year after 6 years time frame, based on approved I140. Now there is another start up company is giving me full time job. So they will ask for at least 3 years of extension. What are the chances that I will get 3 years extension based on existing I140?


    03-17 10:43 AM
    Add you wife , 2 weeks before she comes, IE if she is coming on 16th may add her on 1st may.
    pay some extra premium.

    wouldn't that be common sense....

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