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  • GCnew
    06-13 03:30 PM
    I may be wrong but I think the 180 day rule does not work anymore. USCIS has published a timeline for name check (for e.g., if you name check has been pending for say 1 year, it will be clearde by a certain date).

    My understanding is that USCIS is no longer approving cases if the name check has not clearesd. So you might have to wait for new timeline before it gets approved.

    Processing time has passed my RD nearly 4 months back. My PD has been current throughout this one year(except those two months in 2008)

    Name check is not cleared. With this new 180 rule, i think i should not worry about that. When i talked to IO, they told me that my case has been pre adjudicated and other than NC everything looks good.

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  • wanna_immigrate
    04-22 09:23 AM
    Democrats Revive Immigration Push - WSJ.com (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703404004575198601410995496.html?m od=WSJ_hps_sections_news)

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  • H1B-GC-NY
    03-10 05:16 PM
    Any I140 recent approvals regarding 3 years degree Education RFE?

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  • eastindia
    05-10 01:18 PM
    The delay in the bulletin is definitely a mystery. Some people I know have started thinking about July 2010 fiasco.


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  • Aah_GC
    05-03 07:20 PM
    Hi my father lost his passport at the airport today and with it his I94 and US B1 visa. We do have scanned copies of his US Visa and Passport. I would appreciate any pointers on the following question -

    1. What are my next steps?
    2. I figured from browsing few sites that he needs to apply for I94 - does any one know of any vague ETA there?
    3. Would he have to go through his visa stamping again?

    Much apprecaite your reply.


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  • lj_rr
    07-30 10:55 AM
    Any response?

    This is what the FAQ says

    "Q5: Where should employment-based adjustment applications be filed?
    A5. Forms I-485 may be filed at either the Nebraska Service Center or the Texas Service Center in accordance with the Direct Filing Update issued June 21, 2007."

    Though it says Nebraska Service Center or the Texas Service Center there is also an additional clause "Nebraska Service Center or the Texas Service Center in accordance with the Direct Filing Update issued June 21, 2007". ANd according to that update CA residents should file at Nebraska.
    This is what is confusing me.


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  • andy garcia
    06-27 01:19 PM
    I-140 approval with 6/06 as PD for EB2. But the notice says that the information submitted with the petition shows that the individual may not be be eligible to file for AOS at this time. Additional information about eligibility may be obtained from local INS office?? Is this how the approval should state

    Do not worry.

    At the time of approval your PD was not current, which is until Jume 30.
    After July 1 you can apply for AOS.

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  • indianindian2006
    03-24 07:47 PM
    Does a dentist qualify under STEM.Please advice.


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  • tabletpc
    08-23 02:59 PM
    But using AC21 without having I-140 approved is big risk..u never know how the X emplyer might treat communication with USCICS with RFE is received.

    I am presuming many r in a situation where they ahve i-140 pending and 485 filed.

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  • NikNikon
    June 25th, 2006, 08:48 PM
    As I'm reading about Fred streaking for some photographs I suddenly remember the title of this thread, "black spot on images" and I think to myself if there's black spots showing up on some images it would need to be these "Fred pics". Nothing personal Fred but I don't swing that way. ;)


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  • pappu
    09-08 12:22 PM
    IV members,

    IARC (Indian American Republican council) held a conference in DC on Sept 6th & 7th (more details:
    http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1563). Some of our core members attended this event and interacted with key lawmakers. Our core team member, Shilpa was invited to speak on the Immigration Panel.

    This is the press release from Immigration voice. Please forward it to all your contacts for wider publicity of IV's efforts and our common cause. Thank you once again for your continued support for IV's efforts.


    Immigration Voice urges lawmakers to focus on high-skilled employment based immigration
    Washington, D.C., September 8th, 2006

    Immigration Voice member, Shilpa Ghodgaonkar participated on a panel on Immigration at the Indian American Republican Council�s fall conference in Washington DC on September 7th.

    The speaker list constituted prominent leaders from the Republican Party - Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, Senators Brownback, George Allen, as well as U.S. House Representatives, Speaker Hastert, Ros-Lehtinen, Ed Royce, Bobby Jindal and Joe Wilson.

    Speaking at the event, Shilpa called for more focus on legal highly skilled immigration and urgent reform of the antiquated employment-based immigration system, adding that loss of talent to other countries was not in America�s interest. Ms. Ghodgaonkar observed � immigration debate included illegal immigration and H-1B quotas, but the issues faced by the legal educated foreign workers working in the US and seeking permanent residency were largely ignored.
    Noting that 255,000 employment-based applications pending at the DOL (April 2006) and 170,000 to 230,000 applications pending at the USCIS translated into unconscionable delays, she elucidated the impact of bad bureaucracy on the lives of individuals: �During the long wait, highly skilled foreign workers are wary of buying homes, cannot accept promotions or change jobs for fear of losing their position in the green card queue � particularly because their job description is tied to the green card. Highly qualified doctors, scientists, engineers... etc. cannot utilize their skills to the fullest potential. Individuals cannot innovate and start companies that would create new jobs� lives are on hold. More importantly, employers share the same frustration, as they cannot access the talent pool available here in the US.�
    Illustrating how Canada, UK, Australia, etc. are competing to welcome creative talent, and citing reasons for shortage of skills in the US, Ms. Ghodgaonkar added that America direly needs to attract talent to sustain technological leadership. �Of the total legal immigration in 2004 and 2005, only 7.5% and 10.2% respectively went to highly skilled principal applicants. 2004-2005 figures from Australia indicate that their migration program comprised of 60% skilled immigrants�.

    "The last time the quota for skilled immigrants was debated in congress was in 1990. That was 16 years ago," said Ms. Ghodgaonkar. Stating that high-skilled immigration created a net benefit to the country, she urged lawmakers to address immigration in a piece-by-piece manner, and pass sensible legislation that would retain talent in the country. �This is basically a symbiotic relationship, which if nurtured well will bring rich rewards to the US as well as the immigrants who are contributing here.�

    Commending Senator Cornyn and Representative Shadegg for introducing the SKIL Bill in the Senate and the House, Ms. Ghodgaonkar concluded �The US can continue to remain the shining city on the hill, if it attracts high-skilled workers who will be great assets to this country�.

    About Immigration Voice:

    Immigration Voice (www.immigrationvoice.org) is a non-profit national grassroots organization committed to feasible solutions to a broken employment-based immigration process. Immigration Voice is advocating for technical changes that will improve the quality of life of several individuals that are stuck in the backlogs/delays, and help the system to work as it was intended.

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  • IAspire
    02-21 10:17 PM
    Thanks a lot for the links snathan. Is it possible to return to India at any stage of GreenCard processing and then come back to India once the EAD is approved.


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  • gregspirited
    03-25 02:18 PM
    She will need to complete a 3 year waiver in medically underserved area or a 2 year home return before you can file for her adjustment of status(I-485).
    We had faced a similar situation 3 years back and decided to go ahead with it since looking at the backlogs I am assuming with my PD of 2007 I am still way off from getting my GC.
    So now my wife is completing her residency in June this year and has a waiver job lined up. Once/ If dates become current I will file for her I-485 after the waiver is complete.
    If you need details then PM me.
    Everyone has their own priorities and their own way of dealing with the situations.

    Thanks for your response. I understand the process for J1 waiver and I have PD of Oct 2007 and hence not worried about including her in my 485 for now.

    I'm more worried along the lines of her J1 visa stamping and problems at port of entry while returning to US. Since USCIS knows that I'm planning to immigrate to US (due to I-140) will they ask any questions or make her life difficult or reject her visa while stamping.

    Did you wife go through J1 stamping when your I-140 was approved? Can you also provide your email id to know more about J1 waiver details in your case and how you handled it. It would be useful for us in another 3 years :-)

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  • Ram_C
    11-14 01:43 PM
    Dear All ,
    I recently got my I-140 approved, got our(me and spouse) EAD and AP too.Now what I am wondering is that
    1.Am I still on H1 status or the status now becomes EAD ?
    you are still on H1-B, EAD approval doesn't invlidate your H1-B status
    2. If my H1 still holds good then should I go back to India to get my fresh H1 stamping as it will expire november next year or should I go for one year H1 extensions(as I heard from friends ) till I get the GC ?
    you need not go to India to get your H1 extension stamping you can as well consider Canada, Mexico, Bahamas etc. you just need to cross the borders
    3. Is there any stipulated time limit within which my wife has to apply for her SSN( we have not yet applied for it. )
    There is no time line, however the sooner the better for many known reasons like Job, taxes, credit history to name a few
    4. My passport is going to expire on December next year. Do I need to go to India for renewal or it can be done from here itself. If it can be done from here itself then when is the earliest to start that process ?( I will be happy if u could send some links that will guide me ).
    again you can send your original Passport along with application and required documents to nearest Indian Embassy (make sure to check the nearest Indian Embassy facilitates Passport renewals before you send in your docs) also you can attend in person which most folks prefer

    Thank you very much in advance.



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  • snathan
    06-24 10:18 PM
    Hopefully there wont be any answer for you guys. People are waiting in line for years and you guys cut short with sub labor. Good keep it up.

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  • aksaharan
    09-08 07:30 PM
    Welcome aboard.. and please vote poll @ http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/forum14-members-forum/1599353-want-to-file-485-gather-here-14.html


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  • gcbikari
    03-18 11:57 AM
    Most of people file taxes jointly and so I am wondering if it becomes an issue for spouse on H4 about false info on income.

    If your wife is on H4 she has no income hence she qualifies for free medicaid insurance. provided you fill out the forms the right way.

    And there is a seperate Health insurance sponsored by government for kids below 18 years. based on your wife's Medicaid, your child can qualify for that insurance in your state.

    You might need to buy insurance for you.

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  • GCBy3000
    07-26 04:07 PM
    Where are the new members? what do you want ? Do you want GC to contribute? WHy dont you sign up for minimum recurring contribution?

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  • dealsnet
    05-07 01:35 PM
    Do not use some one's profile, if you want answer from any one. To make a new profile will take less than 10 minutes. If you don't have 10 minutes, then how other people spend their time to answer your questions. You want free advice, but you are not willing to join IV. This all shows the mindset of the people.
    Any way using some one's username and password is highly illegal. Ask IV moderator for permission to use some body's account.

    guys..it is very unfortunate that you felt that im here to make sensation by creating stories out of my head..!

    the qn raised afew months ago was my friend who had this profile in this community..she gave me the link of the response, and also asked me to use her profile in future as she seldom use this community herself..in my situation, when we are going through lot of stress, i did not find time to create a new profile or update the current profile...i hope its not a major crime!!

    today i checked the profile page, and i did not see anything relevant information that i can add (most of it is GC application related, which im not dong). the only thing i could do is remove the state of residence of my friend!

    i cannot reveal my identity or share my personal information in a public forum other than my location which is India.

    My employer had filed a civil complaint, saying i have broken the contract which i signed with them that i will work with them for 18 months!

    if you do not feel comfortable helping a person without knowing the identity(i dnt see anybody in this forum using their real name), it is totally fine.

    09-20 07:45 PM
    EAD expiring tomorrow 9/21/2010.Can I continue to work? My renewal is still pending. I submitted EAD renewal application on 7/22/2010. If my employer is OK with EAD renewal application, can I continue work?

    12-03 12:19 PM
    I got my visa re-validation (re-stamping) done at Mumbai consulate on Nov 12. This was my 3rd H1B stamping. The previous 2 stampings were done at other consulates. These were the only questions asked:

    1) Which company you work for?
    2) Reason for visiting India
    Ans - For visa revalidation and to visit family.
    3) How will your spouse and child travel since they are not applying with you?
    Ans - Child is US citizen and spouse will use AP.

    The officer informed that the visa is approved, and the passport will be sent by courier. I had just about every document that you can think of, but not a single document was asked.

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