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  • cooldudesfo
    12-16 07:05 PM
    Thanks a lot for the information.

    While coming back is fine as I will be either using AP or will get VISA stamped on my passport.

    Thanks again.

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  • karthkc
    03-18 01:38 PM
    what is GC sponser? ABC company couldnt find a project for me. So i am on bench.

    GC Sponsor is the employer who has started your Green Card process...

    How did you get your EAD?

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  • guesswho
    10-23 08:09 PM
    Anyone going to Nogales for visa, I would suggest reading my exp:


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  • vnanjunda
    07-16 12:27 PM
    No Problems at Dullas Airport, I weant to india twice with AP they never asked about my employer.


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  • snowcatcher
    05-31 10:07 PM
    Hi guys, this is a good article to present to someone as proof of marketability of high skilled people across the globe and the competetion companies face in recruiting them.

    The Boston Globe


    Author(s): Diane E. Lewis, Globe Staff Date: May 30, 2006 Page: A1 Section: Business

    Five years ago, US firms were wooing India's computer science graduates with lucrative job offers and a chance to live in America. Now, it's India's turn.

    Infosys Technologies Ltd., a leading Indian software provider, will spend $100 million over the next year to hire and train 25,000 workers and college graduates culled from around the world, including from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. of Bangalore will add 30,500 employees over the next year, including 1,000 from the United States. In a case of reverse offshoring, Indian tech companies are beefing up their staffs by hiring Americans and foreigners to work in India. They also are opening offices around the world and recruiting local staff. The firms are launching the global recruiting effort because of labor shortages in India. Indian companies are expanding beyond data entry and back-office processes into areas such as design, research and development, and sophisticated business applications that require highly skilled workers.

    Tata hired John Dubiel, 59, of Westford in November. Dubiel spent two weeks in India, learning about the firm's products and meeting his Indian counterparts. Dubiel now works out of Tata's Boston office as an executive helping North American companies solve their business problems with technology.

    "The major difference between working for this company and an American firm are the time zones," said Dubiel. "Because TCS is global, the sun never sets on us. It is not unusual to make calls at midnight or at 4 a.m."

    For years, US companies have imported talent from the two Indian firms, saying there were not enough technology workers here. However, lengthy delays due to immigration issues such as caps on the number of H1-B visas for foreign professionals prompted Indian companies to develop another strategy.

    "They said, `Let's train people in the United States or India and make them an extension of our offshore team in the United States,' " said Gary David, an associate professor of sociology at Bentley College. "So, Americans are now becoming the offshore component for foreign firms."

    Currently, more than 10,000 American expatriates work in India for Indian information technology consulting and other outsourcing firms, a number that is expected to grow, said John McCarthy, vice president of Asia Pacific research at Forrester Research in Cambridge.

    Meanwhile, American firms seeking to reduce labor costs are stepping up offshoring efforts and will be sending more white-collar jobs abroad. McCarthy estimates that US employers will move 3.4 million jobs and $136 billion in wages overseas by 2017. Those jobs will include positions in technology, finance, life sciences, human resources administration, and business management. Most will be jobs that do not require face-to-face time with clients.

    Analysts from another research firm, Gartner Inc., based in Connecticut, say that outsourcing of IT jobs from the United States, Europe, and other major regions to developing countries will increase to 30 percent in 2015, up from under 5 percent today.

    But as US firms seek to cut costs, Indian firms Infosys and Tata are scouring the world for highly skilled talent, and they say they will pay the prevailing wage for new hires in Japan, the United States, and England.

    This summer, Infosys will train 300 graduates it recruited from American colleges. The new employees will receive starting salaries of $55,000 after completing a six-month course at the firm's training facility in Mysore, India. The recruits will then start full-time jobs in the company's offices in Texas, Arizona, Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, or California. Infosys trains recruits in India to acquaint them with the firm's culture and with their Indian colleagues.

    Matt Sorge, 23, will graduate from MIT with a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering next month. Four weeks later, he'll fly to the Infosys training center in Mysore.

    A native of Oklahoma, Sorge met an Infosys representative at an MIT job fair last fall and was struck by the firm's offer and the chance to work abroad.

    "When Infosys started talking about being with a global team, it seemed like an exciting industry," said Sorge. "So, I figured skewing my career path a little might be more beneficial to me. They're basically giving me an education in computer science, something I would otherwise have to pay for."

    Infosys, the second-largest information technology consulting firm in India with $2.15 billion in revenue and more than 52,000 employees worldwide, says there are advantages to hiring a global workforce. "We're hoping to bring a different kind of diversity to our workplace," said Bikramjit Maitra, head of human resources at Infosys. "For us, diversity is a way to encourage innovation."

    Since India has become a center for computer science, firms can teach new hires in India, where there is state-of-the-art training, said Surya Kant, president of Tata Consultancy Services America.

    At Tata, new hires and professionals train in their own countries and then travel to India for orientation or full-time work. Tata employs 62,000, including 9,500 Americans, who mostly work in the United States.

    Michael McCabe, a spokesman for Tata Consultancy Services North America, said the quest for talent in India is driving the push to recruit skilled workers from other fields.

    "We have a robust and aggressive talent acquisition plan to tackle recruiting in 34 countries around the globe, including the United States," said McCabe. "We want to grow in every geography."

    Diane E. Lewis can be reached at dlewis@globe.com.

    Perform a new search

    Link to the article:


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  • indianabacklog
    10-12 11:15 AM
    Live in Carmel. Have been locked in this process for almost nine years.

    Is there an active state group?

    If so please send me a PM.


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  • hopesoon
    09-02 12:39 PM
    I am EB3 (Aug 07) because of my lawyer�s mistake; but in June they asked for further medical testing, it can be a good sign they are looking into EB3.

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  • GreenLantern
    04-13 05:55 PM
    I forgot to mention that I am also proficient in Photoshop 7.


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  • mchundi
    04-10 12:04 PM
    For a change I was listening to Rush today. Interestingly he was very neutral about Bush's proposal. He thinks the new proposal is to the conservative's liking, but not sure how this will be implemented. Bush's push is our last hope this year. Nancy Pelosi does not want to take up any immigration bill that is not likely to pass(afraid of failure).

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  • ilikekilo
    09-17 04:04 PM
    u pushed it a bit too mcuh,,,but its ok,....not biggy.who knows some people might have been encouraged


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  • psaxena
    06-25 12:55 PM
    I am willing to take the lead and the initiative for sending faxes to congressman for the CIR.

    I am going to take an off tomorrow for this and dedicate my whole time for this.
    I need some volunteers who can help me in putting up the letter together for this and other activities.

    There are different action items required to do this
    1. Draft the letter which communicates in a clear and precise way our agenda.
    2. Get as many number of immigrants to send the fax.
    3. Step by Step guide or a page on website where an end user can enter the information and send the fax.

    No Donation or travel is required for the rally, just a few minutes of your 24 hours is required to do this.

    Only who want to volunteer for any of the 3 action items please reply to this and no one else.. this is my humble request... I am a very focussed guy and do not want any distraction in this activity. As part of the 3rd action item another thread will be posted with the instructions on how to do that in the quickest and the best way.

    I am putting up a poll and at the end of the day I'll send the conf call number as well for the volunteers.
    And thanks in advance to all the volunteers. and also if you don't volunteer doesn't make you any less than a volunteer, if you support and help building this community stronger and much closely knitted.

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  • punjabi
    07-27 02:10 PM
    Thanks for sharing!


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  • Libra
    11-28 01:59 PM
    bumping....MN members please join the state chapter and contribute in whatever way you can.

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  • invincibleasian
    01-14 07:52 PM
    You need visa to enter or exit. When you exit you need to turn in I94 on the pp with the stamp of your entrance as well as your new extension. On entrance they will check the old visa and write down the visa number on the new I94 that they officer will provide. The I94 usually has the visa duration as the end date. Next you apply for an amended h4 to reflect the new I94 number which was provided at the POE. Asfar as I know the I94 date is always linked to a visa and not the Notice of Action. when i faced the same issue this what I was told.


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  • Ann Ruben
    04-22 11:46 AM
    You can use the unexpired H-1 visa UNLESS your prior employer has withdrawn the underlying petition in which case the visa is void.

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  • mundada
    02-19 09:31 AM
    I am in similar situation as my parents are coming this year.

    Couple of years ago there was a "no question asked, including pre existing condition" insurance, though expensive but it covered everything. However, this time when I talked to insurance consultant, it appears few people misused the insurance to the extent that the company went bankrupt. This is what she said: let us say the patient needed bypass surgery. The patient would buy one month insurance and return ticket. This would cost him $2000. Upon arrival in the US, he would complain about chest pain. Then pay $1000 in deductible and get bypass done. The total cost $3000!

    However, because of this misuse geniune people do not have this option anymore.

    Here is what I am thinking:
    1. Buy Atlas America insurance. This covers pre existing condition upto $15,000. This also gives us negotiated rate with hospitals in the US.
    2. Addon foreign travel on Mediclaim or other insurance that they currently have in India. Opt for Rs. 7 lakh deductible. This should lower the insurance cost. Also, try to talk to the insurance company and see if it will reduce rate further because its is secondary insurance.

    Let me know if you guys see any hole in the logic or you have better alternative. I would rather pay more in insurance and enjoy my parents stay then worry throughout their stay.


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  • CADude
    07-22 06:15 PM
    cool site for analysis. I added mine in http://www..com/usa-immigration-trackers/i485-tracker1/

    If you go to this site: http://www..com/usa-immigration-trackers/i485-tracker1/

    you will see that people that got USCIS I485 receipts, are those whose forms reached USCIS on Jun 25th. That would mean that as of last week USCIS was entering in the cases that came in in the end of Jun. They are not doing July filers yet....
    My best bet is that they will begin doing July filers in the middle of next week (7/25) or even later and we will start seeing checks cleared by that date....

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  • leoindiano
    02-24 12:26 PM
    I have a freind whose DUI came up when he went to stamping in CANADA...They gave him the visa after 10 days, after clearance from FBI, This is most likely the same...If the charges are reduced before you filed I-485, then it should not be a problem. You just show them the proof. Having attorney with you will definitely help.

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  • coopheal
    08-01 09:31 AM
    The link on USCIS page sends only the user id thru email. It does not send password.

    07-13 10:48 AM
    What about ... "Allow 485 apps based on original July bulletin(accept July filers only)"

    yeah. also, allow EAD+AP if I140 is approved, but dont allow 485 filing.

    03-23 01:07 PM

    I am in need of some advice. I am on first h1b extension with 2.5 hears left. I have an MS but was filed under eb3 with priority date of march 2005 (didn't knew about priority categories at that time). Now I am feeling a bit stagnant in my current job, but have always felt myself constrained thinking about restarting the GC process from zero. Given the current eb3 condition and my priority date what would you suggest I should do? Switch job, get a salary raise, restart under eb2 or continue doing whatever I do hoping eb3 will become current in some reasonable time and i'll be free ?

    Thanks for any inputs/thoughts.

    You can refile PERM labor under EB-2 and file the I-140 and ask for your EB-3 priority date to be transferred. Provided your EB-3 I-140 has been approved and will not be revoked.

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