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  • GCVivek
    04-08 05:56 PM
    US govt. must get all their money from HBSC and then strip them of their US citizenship and deport them. You can do everything in America except cheat more than allowed on taxes. Everyone enjoys a little wriggle space with taxes...the IRS knows that about each filer. Certain things however cannot and should not be done. These evaders are nothing but THEIVES stealing from us ALL. :mad:

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  • ras
    07-09 09:47 AM
    back in our o'l days we used to say time will come that people will line up for visa to work in India. I kind of see this first article towards that end coming to reality. B'lore is the second choice for people to work outside USA. wow that is great to know.

    Tech job moving abroad? Offshore yourself with it!


    Ephraim Schwartz Mon Jun 23, 6:00 AM ET

    San Francisco - If your job is moving overseas, maybe you should move with it. Many American IT workers have looked with increasing worry as programming and datacenter jobs shifted to India, China, Eastern Europe, and elsewhere, with companies seeking cheap labor and Internet connectivity making offshoring a plausible business option. Or perhaps your job is staying in the United States, but being handled by an H1-B-visa-holding immigrant or a foreign consultancy such as Tata Consulting Services and Wipro that tends to import its own workers. While some companies have found offshoring to incur more costs than savings when management and quality issues are factored in, it's clear that IT jobs have been globalized and will stay that way.

    Even if your job is not leaving the United States, you may want to move overseas to a tech hotbed to develop new skills or simply to gain the experience of living abroad.

    [ UseInfoWorld's interactive map to learn about 12 hot cities and 6 regions you should consider for tech jobs abroad. ]

    The most popular types of tech jobs outside the United States vary considerably, and emerging IT centers are themselves trying to diversify their own areas of expertise. But as a gross generalization, product support and business process development positions are more likely to be in India than in Indianapolis; embedded software development positions are more likely to be in China than Cincinnati

    Outsourcing yourself to another country is not a new idea. Dubai, in the middle of the Arabian desert, has more ex-pats from around the world, with the majority Yanks, than local residents.

    Taking an assignment in another part of the world -- especially in economically emerging countries -- will enhance your r??sum?? and your chances of getting a better job once you get back to the United States, say the experts. [Story continued below the map].

    "There is a tremendous demand. Every CEO worldwide is interested in China as a market," says Sam Lee, managing director of the consultancy Dextrys.

    And these executives want IT people who have experience working there in order to liaise with local executives.

    [ Have you worked overseas in high-tech? Tell us about your experiences, good or bad. ]

    The paths to working overseas
    How realistic is it to move overseas for work? The answer varies based on the country and, of course, your personal circumstances. Family considerations -- such as finding a job for your spouse and a school for your children -- can make an overseas move much harder for a family than for a single person. In terms of the basic process, however, there are three routes to getting a job overseas.

    The first is to get a work visa in the destination country, the equivalent of the H-1B program in the United States. This typically requires that the employer sponsor you and go through a process proving you are not taking a position a local could fill.

    The second is to get a work-rotation visa in the destination country, the equivalent of the L-1 program in the States. This type of visa lets companies rotate employees among their offices in various countries. It's often used for executives to help them gain experience across different corporate units but can be used for other positions as well. Global consultancies, federal agencies, and multinationals are the typical venues for such positions.

    The third is to use dual nationality you may hold, such as from being the spouse or child of a foreign national, to seek work in that other country. After all, as a citizen of that nation, you have the same employment rights as any other citizen. (The fact that you are also a U.S. citizen doesn't matter, at least in countries that allow dual citizenship.)

    The fourth is to set up your own company in the United States and be a consultant overseas.

    Some locales, like Costa Rica, actually make it easier for foreigners to come in and start a company rather than come in as an employee who might be taking a job away from a local.

    The top regions and cities to explore for overseas tech jobs
    Based on dozens of interviews, InfoWorld has come up with the following regions and cities worth exploring if you want to offshore yourself:

    * Asia
    * Canada
    * China
    * Europe
    * India
    * Latin America

    * Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    * Bangalore, India
    * Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    * Dublin, Ireland
    * Hong Kong, China
    * Kiev, Ukraine
    * New Delhi, India
    * Paris, France
    * San Jos??, Costa Rica
    * S??o Paulo, Brazil
    * Shanghai, China
    * Tel Aviv, Israel

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  • chanduv23
    08-03 11:10 PM
    Please navigate to the following threads and do the action items



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  • sroyc
    07-11 05:40 PM
    You have an immaculate sense of timing! Had they processed your application a week late - you would have received only one year EAD card. No wonder you are called Saint :)!

    His PD is July 2006. He would have gotten the 2 year EAD either way. EB2 India is June 01 2006.


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  • geesee_99
    12-14 11:19 AM
    No, My own PERM. My Own RIR too

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  • kirupa
    01-19 11:17 PM
    Unfortunately, your entry doesn't qualify because you are using box2d :(

    Really cool entry though!


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  • ameryki
    07-22 09:30 AM
    very well said mate! the ultimate objective of this forum is for people to come together and move forward to achieve our cause and not be worried about the dots etc.

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  • r2i2009
    09-10 10:54 AM

    This is election time and no immigration bills will be taken seriously until mid next year. Let us stay calm and cool.

    Still have friends from EB2 2002/03 not gotten their GCs...

    Patience is the key.

    Election time....immigration issue has zero value


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  • palemguy
    09-16 02:13 PM
    Hi palemguy,

    Could you please post or mail the # that you called to find out about your NC? Is it TSC/NSC?

    Thank you.

    I called to the regular USCIS customer service number 800-375-5283.

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  • willIWill
    10-22 01:09 PM

    Your case seems peculiar to the ones that is normally discussed in this forum. I would suggest you post your message in the "ask a lawyer" section. You might get a better response from an attorney who practices immigration law.

    Hope all works out well for you.



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  • imv116
    03-01 07:15 PM
    Hi All,

    I have been following the postings on this forum. I appreciate all the hard work the core group is doing. I also appreciate the active participation by all members in answering/discussing the forum topics.

    I have contributed a one time $200.00 in support and would contribute more and request every one to support in there capacity.

    Every one needs PR status, but in my case, the need is more for my wife, because of the reason that she wants to pursue her medical residency here.

    I sometimes wonder and sometimes I feel like going back to India, work for my present company for 1 year, come back here on a managerial/executive position on L1 along with my wife and apply for Perm in Eb1 cat...this said is all my thought!

    This would enable my wife to get work permit as L1 dependent and an eventually a residency position in a good univ and a current 1-485 status.

    Only thing though is my wife would need to attend interviews.

    Any suggestions/feedback will help me and all other people in this situation.

    Thank You,
    The 116

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  • enthu999
    09-09 04:18 PM
    I have finished my 6 years quota of H1B and right now I am on TN visa (I am Canadian). Since I started the green card process a little late, I still need more time to finish the green card process. So, my question is, is there any way I can go back to H1B visa again once my TN visa expires. I can not renew my TN because I have applied already for I-140 and that shows my intent to immigrate to US.



    Until you file for 485, you don't have immigration intent, I-140 is employer application.
    So, you might be ok with TN renewal. Once you file 485 you cannot go for TN renewal.

    Also, If your I140 is approved I guess you can apply for H1 beyond 6 yrs. Else, the normal 6 year rule may apply in which case folks have to stay out of country for an year and come back.


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  • peer123
    06-13 07:52 AM
    IV core shud approach republicans who are saying no amnesty to law breakers.
    Let us approach them and convince them to bring amendments to reward law abiding people like us.

    Great point.. core team should develop a strategy and share it with entire group as to how they are working towards getting these ammendments in and whom are they approaching ....

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  • lacchij
    11-06 11:03 PM
    My AP status was changed to Document mailed on 10/29 but i didn't receive anything yet. Heard that Lawyer would be receiving them if you have signed G28.

    Keep in touch with your lawyer and ask them to forward it to you as soon as they receive. Otherwise, some lawyers will take their own sweet time to send it.


    We are in a critical situation. My wife's AP was approved on 10/18 and the current status is "Document Mailed on 11/05". It also says "You should receive the document within 30 days".

    Our flight to India is on 11/15 and we are wondering typically how long it takes for us to receive the physical paper after the status changed to "Document Mailed".

    Can you please share your experience?



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  • @ndy
    05-10 10:43 AM
    A lot of lawyers do not charge money for every question you ask if you are their client. You can easily email them and ask questions or post on their intranet. It is part of their service that helps them get more business.

    If your employer is their client, then of course the lawyer may not respond to you. Why should he?
    My PD is August 2009 , and i seem to loose patience.....I can imagine how those people who have been in this queue from 4-5 years must be feeling........Lets hope for the best :)

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  • vali
    11-14 12:07 PM
    - The A0XX XXX XXX is the A number or alien number
    - Nothing good or bad. It is sometimes there on the 140 approval notice also. It is there on 485/765/131
    - No one knows when you will get your GC. Your PD is old so you may get lucky soon...

    Thanks for your prompt response.
    - still I feel that only because I received just now after 8 years this A#, seems to me that only at this time I'm registered as an immigrant?
    That is what alien number means in English ? Sorry.


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  • gg_ny
    10-20 07:31 AM
    You need to file tranfer papers anyway when you move. That means you have new H1B approval, and thus a new stamp is required when you travel out.

    I would appreciate, if any of you can answer this question either through their personal experience or their knowledge.
    I recently got my H1b visa renewed(& transferred) for 3 years based on a previous I-140 approved from my earlier job. I would like to get my H1b visa stamping done either at Mexico or Canada based on the current validity(for 3 years) of my H1b approval. If after stamping, I change companies will I need to get a new stamping to reflect the new company on my passport? If I don't need to get a new stamping, then if I travel to my home country and then return to US, will it cause a problem at the border post if my H1b approval paper shows a different company than that on the passport? Your advice in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

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  • chanduv23
    11-01 07:37 PM
    More feedbacks help. Please post feedback if you attended the NJ meet

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  • newuser
    05-30 12:35 PM
    If I remember my Uncle's word correctly, it was Ted Kennedy who was instrumental in relaxing (changing) the rules for future immigrants in 60 or 70's. Only then, we saw a huge increase in immigrants from India especially doctor's and engineers in 60's & 70's.

    05-16 12:57 PM
    I am seeing currently 700 members actively using IV website right now, but I don't think all of them have signed up for monthly contribution, Guys please contribute and help yourself

    08-24 07:39 AM
    Some where around December after completing Data Entry for all the AOS applications

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