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  • geniousatwork
    05-27 11:58 PM
    Does anyone know any other place to find the PD in case you have the Case Number?

    The link mentioned below shows the PD for 2006 FY Data only :(
    For 2007/2008 FY, I could not get the PDs from the below mentioned site.

    If you have all the PERM case numbers with you then you should be able to find your PD in this link

    http://www.flcdatacenter.com/CasePerm.aspx and

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  • Desertfox
    11-14 01:51 PM
    Following are the answers to your questions. :)

    I have a question for you too: How are you contributing to Immigrationvoice?

    Dear All ,
    I recently got my I-140 approved, got our(me and spouse) EAD and AP too.Now what I am wondering is that
    1.Am I still on H1 status or the status now becomes EAD ?
    You are on H1 unless you request your employer to update your I-9 with EAD.
    2. If my H1 still holds good then should I go back to India to get my fresh H1 stamping as it will expire november next year or should I go for one year H1 extensions(as I heard from friends ) till I get the GC ?
    Your H1 is not good after it expires. You have to get extension to be in H1 status. Stamping from India would be required if you travel to India with expired stamp on your passport and you choose not to use your AP to return to US.
    3. Is there any stipulated time limit within which my wife has to apply for her SSN( we have not yet applied for it. )
    There is no time limit.
    4. My passport is going to expire on December next year. Do I need to go to India for renewal or it can be done from here itself. If it can be done from here itself then when is the earliest to start that process ?( I will be happy if u could send some links that will guide me ).
    You can renew your passport in US and following are the links for Indian Consulates in USA.
    Embassy of India, Washington DC http://www.indianembassy.org/newsite/default.asp
    Consulate General of India, Chicago, USA http://chicago.indianconsulate.com/
    Consulate General of India, Houston, USA http://www.cgihouston.org/
    Consulate General of India, New York, USA http://www.indiacgny.org/
    Consulate General of India, San Fransisco, USA http://www.cgisf.org/

    Thank you very much in advance.


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  • MTsoul
    07-21 10:55 PM
    Microsoft had better bundle the Silverlight plugin with Windows 7. And it had better be available on bloody Opera. Great platform as I see it, terrible penetration right now.

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  • kpchal2
    03-17 10:53 PM
    hi desi, even though i did not explicitly state that i want to port it, will it be automatically be ported. it seems like they see that first date as my priority date but i want to confirm it 10 times or more (due to the stuopidity of USCIS) before i jump in excitement.


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  • roseball
    04-20 02:04 PM
    I dont think there is any need to apply for amendment in premium processing as long as you file the amendment before your current I-94 expires (which in your case is the date of EAD expiry).....I would suggest you to check with some other lawyer too regarding this because $1000 is not a small amount....

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  • bekugc
    07-18 01:56 PM

    MY Opinion!!

    since u have used substitute labor, id guess that the Priority date of labor is pretty old (hopeing 2000-2002 range).

    if ur PD is old, then rushing for 485 doesnt make sense. Rushing now is for those whose PD is 2005/2006, its their only chance before dates retrogress again. if u have OLD PD, then pretty soon, ur date will become current again, and when ur 140 comes thro u switch job & can apply for 485.

    1. Anyway, resigning ur existing job and applying 485 with new company is not much beneficial. u cant use AC21 untill ur i140 is approved, anyway u have to stick at one place till ur eligible for AC21. if i were u , given a choice, id stay with a known demon (rather than unknown angel)

    2. if ur substitute's labors 140 gets cleared..then switch to new company...apply 485 and in 180 days , ull be eligible for AC21, if relationship with new employer gets sour use AC21 and move on.

    3. u still have 2.5 yrs on H1..this is a +ve point on ur side to take RISK of switching employer now. Id do this only if the PAY in new empoyer is so much high than existing, so that its WORTH taking the risk.
    since its substitute labor, ur 140 cant be premium processes. as per previous experiences , if ur nebraska, 140 mite take 9-12 months , texas its little faster. so even after 1 yr,,if ur substitution Failed, u still have 1.5 yrs on H1, enuf time to switch H-1 job, get/apply for perm and get 6+ yrs extension.

    Your lucky that new employer applied for 140 without expecting u to get on the payroll. if i were you, id thank God for that, and wait till 140 gets cleared before joining new job.



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  • waitingimmigrant
    10-21 05:18 PM
    he he .. was wondering the same... was thinking it was about a different time dimension :P....

    this time it is revised under "Reuniting Families Act" ... lets see how this goes...

    Expecting the ... and hoping for the best :)

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  • NKR
    09-07 08:52 PM
    Transferring cases saying that it is to speed up processing which essentially delays processing maing us wonder if it is a time buying tactic to cover inefficiecy.

    An application filed in August if not transferred to NSC would have had ND and RD as August, but now it has Oct. Rubbing salt on the wound NSC is processing 2006 and 2007 cases and not picking 2004 cases.


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  • katrina
    05-20 10:44 AM
    I had not read that one...If cornyn amdmt gets through we are in a good shape then...

    I kind a feel that would be a miracle eventhough this amdmt get approved for Philadelphia PBEC to finish all the labor within 6 month :) I'm not sure about dallas since Dallas PBEC already start processing 2005 application.

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  • lkapildev
    03-20 05:34 PM
    I heard one guy dies because of Kidney failure in Newdelhi on fasting infront of LoakShaba. He was remembered for few minutes. He got senseless and theytook him to nearby Hospital.

    The reason is he was fasting even if without water.

    You can do fasting with water & juice. Still some American say you are diating for me you are kind of fasting.


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  • capriol
    04-14 06:46 PM
    Dear Friends:
    I also have a similar question on traveling abroad for 4 weeks with my 485 pending.
    As you all know that when we applied our 485 AOS (EB-based) we had to also submit the copy of our latest 1-94 card (which I did). Now that I am leaving the US, I will be handing over the original 1-94 at the port of exit (a copy of which was submitted with the 485 application). Then when returing, I will be receiving another new 1-94. So my questions:

    (a) Will I have to re-send the INS another copy of my new 1-94 when I return to the US (b) also might surrendering the old 1-94 and getting new one confuse my 485 records with the INS (c) Finally, do any of you know of anyone who with 485 pending, a valid H1B visa, and no Advanced Parole has had any problems returning back to the US?

    Please advise, and that would be so appreciated. Regards.

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  • bestia
    07-31 05:06 PM
    Many lawyers charge companies hourly and usually big rates (usually regardless of how good the lawyer is and how simple your case is). Lawyers usually charge for every phone call and for every e-mail. So the employer might start worrying that your contacts might cost him a lot. Usually the respectable lawyer will not discuss anything with you directly if his client is your employer.

    Just an advise for those who have an option: hire your own lawyers, you will see how different your case will go. Even if you have to pay them out of your pocket - it's worth it.


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  • imneedy
    05-02 09:25 AM
    I was on I-485 status on my EB3 application working on EAD. My I140 for Eb2 application got approved today while also requesting porting of priority date.

    I believe USCIS would have automatically switched the 485 application to use the new EB2 I-140 instead of old EB3-I140

    Now my question I am ready to renew my EAD. I wanted if there will be any problem with my EAD application since it is now transfered to an Eb2 position.

    My pririty date is still not current....

    beautifulMind - does your new I-140 have old priority date from EB3?

    I think you should not have any issues filing for EAD, all you need are your pending I-485's receipt notice. good luck!

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  • gchopes
    04-25 12:38 PM
    Hi all,

    I received an RFE on my I-140. I responded to NSC last week with what was requested in RFE. NSC acknowledged receipt of my response. How long do you think it would take for them to take a decision on my case (non-premium process).



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  • aperregatturv
    10-26 04:00 PM
    Can I fill AP directly instead of going thru the lawyer?


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  • ola
    06-13 01:34 PM
    Is anyone actually coordinating this or are we simply wasting our time posting messages here?


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  • Siddharta
    03-11 11:02 PM
    CITI Bank usually send the 1099. But if you have account with ICICI or some other Indian Banks they do not send it. Also check if your bank in India deducting Tax (Usually called as TDS) on interest you earn. That amount you can deduct on US tax return as foreign taxes paid.

    You are right. I just confirmed also with ICICI(my bank) and they do not send 1099. Damn.
    So what should I do now. Do I report the interest income from prior years (its very small.... less than $200/year) and file TD F 90-22.1 form this year.
    How big a issue is this. Should I be very scared?

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  • FredG
    January 2nd, 2005, 06:40 PM
    A piece of black velvet or similar material would fix that, and isn't too expensive if you stick to one or two.I picked up small pieces of black and white non-reflective velvet that do a nice job. Any local fabric shop should carry it. Not cheap, but it won't break the bank. They might have remnants that would be large enough.

    Contribution Poll [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Contribution Poll

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  • smiledentist
    06-21 12:37 AM
    I am a dentist in state of CA,and filed for EB2 green card.In April
    2006 applied for my
    PERM from MD Dental, a dental group with 5 offices and about 30
    employs and owned by 2
    partners.Also in April 2006 they applied for my H1b visa.Further PERM and H1b
    both were approved
    and in may 2006 I filed for I-140 from the same company.I-140 had a
    RFE but was approved
    in Feb 2007.Meanwhile in Oct 2006 both partners had a misunderstanding
    and they split the
    company into 2 companies with one partner getting 2 offices and the
    other partner getting
    3 offices.Originally my perm was filed from the MD dental Van-Nuys
    office, which was
    given to partner A who then told me to file for a new H1b as tax ID
    number for the
    employer has changed but my job location would not change.I filed for
    a new H1 visa from
    partner A which was also approved and started to work for him till Feb
    2007.In feb 2007 I
    found a new job again as a dentist with a different company and moved
    to that company.I
    am still in good contact with both partner A and partner B of the old
    My question is if I could file for I485 from MD dental which is
    already split with
    approved I140, or I could file it from partner A or partner B`s new
    company showing
    either of them as succesor of interest.Also can I invoke AC21 in 6 months and move to my current employer..
    Please advice.

    04-30 02:59 PM
    Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2009, Can We Do It and How?� is live now.

    Here is link. Will some body hear it and post the updates?


    Thanks in advance.

    06-16 09:28 PM
    I have my I-20 from University X, but I don't have the I-20 form from University Y.
    Contact the International Students Office in University Y. Most colleges keep a copy of your I20. You can use that copy.

    Also, SEVIS has a record of all the I20s issued to you and the colleges and degrees you completed.

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