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  • justin150377
    06-28 10:03 PM

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  • psk79
    05-28 12:12 AM

    Can anyone tell me if its ok to mail my EAD & AP and spouse's EAD & AP renewals to be mailed in the same package to Texas? I can't find any posts regarding this.

    The PO Box address for EAD is different from AP. But i think for non USPS carriers, there is only one address for Texas center (4141 N augustine rd).

    So If I use this address can I mail all the 4 applications in the same package?
    I am not trying to save money but feel that keeping all the apps together might help especially primary and secondary applicants...


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  • glus
    03-31 03:51 PM
    Hi Guys,
    As you may recall, we have had several phone meetings with Ms. Susan Henner, attorney at law. She has explained many issues and helped many of our members for free. You can see her tomorrow at 11:30AM EST on Fox News. She will be talking about an interesting immigration case.

    NO, this is not a joke.

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  • sona75
    07-28 09:44 AM
    I am on EAD. my priority date is Oct 2003 EB3.
    I got new job that requires security clearance, so applied and got preliminary security clearance and started working as a contractor at Federal worksite.
    Now i got letter from Department of homeland security saying i am not allowed to work at Federal worksite because my Adjustment of status is pending from Aug 2007, also saying Contact USCIS to get resolved or provide evidence i am in touch base with USCIS regards to this matter.
    Since my priority date is not current, USCIS is not going to anything.
    While applying this job i gave my EAD copy. They accepted Now i do know why i got this letter ?
    IS there any one had same kind of situation?
    Where or whom should I need communicate at USCIS? do they give any letter?



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  • billu
    05-27 12:52 PM
    because i was getting conflicting opinions, i consulted an immigration attorney from a big law firm. here is what he says:

    You can start working as soon the new company receives the h1b receipt notice.AC21 portability can be applied to H4 to H1 as well.

    Link to AC21 guide:
    http : // USCIS Home Page (http://www.uscis.gov) / files / pressrelease / ac21guide.pdf

    "D. AC21 105 -- Visa portability
    The AC21 105 provides that a nonimmigrant who was previously issued an H-lB visa or provided H-1B nonimmigrant status may begin working for a new H-lB employer as soon as that new employer files a "nonfrivolous" H-lB petition on the nonimmigrant's behalf, if:
    (a) the nonimmigrant was lawfully admitted to the United States; (b) the nonfrivolous petition for new employment was filed before the end of their period of authorized stay; and (c) the nonimmigrant has not been employed without authorization since his lawful admission to the United States, and before the filing of the nonfrivolous petition."

    Based on above information. I would assume that its safe to start after getting the h1b receipt notice. This is for other people in similar situation so that they get the right info.

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  • raysaikat
    07-08 10:39 PM
    but we sent out the application package on June 28 (Friday) and the USCIS received our package on July 1st (Based on the Fedex tracking record). There is no way that my employer can refer to the new prevailing wage databse, which is released on July 1st.

    Well, technically your employer is not supposed to set the wage based on the prevailing wage (or any other immigration related number). Your wage should be based on the job you perform.


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  • bushman06
    12-30 09:48 PM
    Since Sept 27 it has been oral arguments, if any thing ever comes out of this I am sure it will be posted all over.

    Home - �国三类职业移民法律信托基金 (http://www.eb3chinese.org)

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  • pinkam
    12-05 05:41 PM
    Hi Everybody,

    I am an Indian and I have been living in USA for more than one year.Right now I am on F2 visa(dependent of F1 visa holder). Recently I got my I-20 and Now I will have to get F1 visa in order to register for classes. I don't have enough time to get my status changed from USA.Please can somebody tell me what will be the procedure of getting visa from Mexico or Canada? And how long this procedure takes ?

    Please somebody guide me ...I am really in hurry..


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  • kvrr
    06-12 04:52 PM
    Stay away from Harvey Shapiro law firm in NJ/NY. Very irresponsible.

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  • kaisersose
    07-24 04:32 PM

    If 4 months after 485 filed, I leave my job. Can I use EAD to work for another company? My wife also has 485 filed, so I can use her to renew my EAD if I need to.

    All these questions have been answered multiple times in detail. I suggest you use the search feature.


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  • eb3retro
    11-05 05:18 PM
    if you have applied in NSC, if you are not pushing it to move (through expedite SR or through local congressman etc), prepare to wait for close 120+ days. I am not kidding.

    How long is it taking now a days to get AP approval. I am from TX and e-filed on 2nd Oct (ND 4th OCT 2010) and want to know when I can expect the approval.

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  • kannan2010
    11-12 07:15 PM
    I am working as a biomedical research fellow on a J1 visa for the last 3 years in a non-profit research institute but they cannot sponsor my H1B. I am planning to get a J1 waiver and apply for H1B as I plan to work in the private industry. I am not sure whether I can apply for H1B without an employment offer? I would appreciate any suggestions.


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  • waitin_toolong
    08-23 01:40 PM
    AR-11 has to be filed by all non-citizens, that translates to GC holders or permanent residents as well.
    You dont have to provide COS for I-140 if all correspondence is going to your employer and you dont have any other pending application

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  • gcnirvana
    07-31 11:56 PM
    Please don't travel till you get your 485 Receipts. Recently I read in one of IV forums that someone's application was rejected because he/she travelled while his/her application was in process. Talk to your attorney before doing it.
    Good Luck!

    My wife is planning to go for H4 visa stamping in October. My question is can she go alone and what kind of documents she need. Our I-485 applications have reached USCIS on July 2nd. Any reply will be greatly appreciated.


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  • sathish_gopalan
    10-24 02:54 PM
    Does anyone know more about this ?.

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  • unbreakable
    06-03 12:18 AM
    I got the following email from my friend. Thought I would share it here.


    As most of you might know, there are a number of Immigration reform bills that are in various stages of their life in the US Congress. There is this 1 particular bill which is really important to people like us - Employment based legal immigrants from India & China: Bill 5882.

    Highlights of the bill that are of use to EB applicants:
    1) Would recapture unused Visas from past years and roll them over from one fiscal year to another.
    2) EB 1, 2, 3 would become current and would remain current for quite a few years

    I know some of you might have already got your greencard. But I am sure you know a number of others, many of them your close relatives and friends, who are stuck in this queue for a long time. If not for yourself, please take action for them.

    Action needed:
    1) Please go to http://www.opencongress.org/bill/110-h5882/show
    Register your email address and vote YES for the bill.
    How this helps: Online polling is an easy way for senators to gauge the popularity of a bill. If all the EB applicants were to VOTE yes, it
    would take the number over 200,000 easily. The most popular bill has around 7000 votes. A bill on opencongress.com having 50,000 votes
    is sure to garner a lot of attention.

    2) Forward this email to all your friends and relatives who will benefit from this bill.

    Only a systematic, organized online campaign would only us all to get LEGAL PERMANENT RESIDENT STATUS in the USA.

    Thanks for your time!


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  • PD_Dec2002
    07-06 06:06 PM
    This means if you filed 485 on July 2nd you should get a reject letter in the next 25 days unless they retrogress on this as well.

    Where did you get "25" days from? Also, wouldn't it depend whether you sent it to NSC or TSC?


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  • Ann Ruben
    04-16 09:15 AM
    Unfortunately the rules of the PERM process are pretty rigid. It is unlikely that you would succeed in getting the denial reversed and the appeal process could take a year or more. Unless you are beyond your 5th year of H-1 status, your best course is to start the process again.

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  • coolman775
    07-23 12:14 PM
    Dear friends ,
    I just want to know if there is any new updates about the process of I-485 besed on marriage ..

    They received my I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS on September 9, 2005. till today I been calling them up and all I hear is still pending , I can't take this anymore .

    They raise the fees every month or every week and yet they don't even make the process of all applications fast at all , I just sent my RENEWEL application for my I-765 APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION and it has been over 90 days and I didn't get anything , this is sick .

    Please Please everyone if anyone knows any new updates about the process or anything that helps to speed up the process let me know thank you everyone ...

    11-18 06:11 PM
    ha ha ha....well said...

    ofcourse they have been wasting watching stupid games in TVs / Stadiums instead could use 'that' time to gain some new skills / learn new technologies that are required to survive in the job market

    First of all, is your profile legitimate? It shows your PD as Dec'07 / EB3/India and you are in 485 processing??????

    anyway, as long as some fools doesn't admit the facts and realize the changing world, all those forums / blogs / hatred etc; will be just a waste of their time. ofcourse they have been wasting watching stupid games in TVs / Stadiums instead could use 'that' time to gain some new skills / learn new technologies that are required to survive in the job market.

    11-09 11:17 PM
    I appreciate it.

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