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  • CorvetteZR1
    May 5, 05:00 AM
    Is anyone out there having the same problem or I'm just the unlucky one?

    Was it subjected to extreme temperature changes?

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  • iJon
    Jan 13, 06:36 PM
    The high price comes from the features like USB hard drive and printer sharing. So yes there are cheaper alternatives but you'd be hard pressed to find these features on other routers.

    As for the update, I'm sure Apple will release an update. If not you will probably find the updater leaked to the net when the router starts shipping late next month.


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  • Alkalidodo
    May 5, 06:14 PM
    It is impossible. You need to run Windows on the Mac to install them.
    Thanks but how do i do that without loosing that wonderful UI of mac? Even more so without inviting viruses, Trojans and the like.

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  • StealthRider
    Sep 11, 05:49 PM
    In a 7th grade graphic design class (that was usually my "sleeping bell"). The teacher usually let us watch TV, and we popped it on about 10 minutes before the first tower fell. Then, the administrators came on over the PA and told everyone to turn off the TVs and get back to work. That didn't go over so well, I have to say...so everyone did it anyway.

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  • Kissaragi
    Apr 9, 05:00 PM
    Hi, Im going to get a second internal HDD to use as a time machine backup but wasnt sure which HDD would be best to get? Would one of the WD Caviar Green drives do a good, reliable job?

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  • Hermes Monster
    Apr 15, 11:11 AM
    Well, you're ambitious, I'll give you that :D

    As mentioned above, why not try and create a simple web page, see how that goes and how well you take it in (try HTML and CSS to start with). Then decide if it's feasible to take on a project of that scope yourself, or whether it will work out more cost and time effective to hire someone.

    Personally, I think it would take you 3-6 months to do it (finger in air guess) from scratch.

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  • porcupine8
    Apr 10, 07:03 AM
    Aha! Thanks, at seemed like too ridiculous a problem to actually exist, but googling had failed me. I still dont get why apps can override the master volume control at all, but as long as there is some way to shut them up.

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  • Rt&Dzine
    Mar 7, 02:31 PM
    Money is already withheld for Social Security every check so how hard would it be to just take income.

    Everyone who pays you doesn't withhold Social Security. Only if you're an official employee. How is it withheld from your ebay or other income profits or if you're freelance? You have to turn in quarterly returns if you're freelance. When you sell items you pay on your profit minus expenses.

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  • dwd3885
    Jun 27, 12:11 PM
    pm'ed you with my offer

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  • tt335
    Apr 9, 12:49 PM
    Musclenerd tweeted that " the only iPad 2 jailbreak close to reality is" comex's.

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  • anabel
    Mar 31, 12:21 AM
    Go with 32bit, as you say, since you only have 2GB, 64 bit would be a waste as it can take advantage of 4GB and more, it can use less however, but I think it would be better for you to go with 32bit. Are you doing it in a virtual machine?

    thanks for advice !!!

    Sorry I have another question .. Can I use the upgrade version of Windows 7 for the installation??

    I also found this website and I think this person use upgrade license and successfully installed it (?)


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  • PaRaGoNViCtiM
    Nov 28, 10:05 PM
    ^^Wow, thats cheap! I can't compete with that! I'll do $22 Shipped.

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  • zen.state
    Apr 6, 06:54 PM
    Things that happen when you downgrade your video with something less capable just because of some fan noise on a 7800. Your perfectly good 7800 should have been left right where it was.

    Whats next? Downgrade a 1TB HD to an 80GB? ;)

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  • nagromme
    Apr 4, 04:38 PM
    An Air is the only laptop I’ll ever buy!

    I still have the very 1st-gen (before SSD was economical so I have a plain HD) but it’s enough to run my business off of and do some pretty heavy tasks (Photoshop, Flash, 3D gaming at low detail). The latest models would be just awesome... but I’m waiting for Sandy Bridge before I upgrade.

    If someone asked me what computer to get, and I wasn’t allowed to know anything about them, I’d default to recommending a base MacBook Air 11” with 4GB RAM. (Or maybe the 128 SSD, but few people outside of tech forums need more than 64 GB storage so frequently that it can’t be external or wireless. Everyone who can afford a Time Capsule should probably have one!)

    Then I’d recommend that if they want a bigger screen, add get a cheap Dell 20-something-inch display and a mouse/keyboard, giving them a desktop experience. Until it’s time to leave the house, when that ultra-compact size is great.

    I would generally not recommend the DVD drive. Most people have a DVD player already, and I for one have never needed to pay for a DVD drive in three years with my Air. I do occasionally use Air Disc, though. For free! So I suggest people wait and not get the DVD drive until/unless they need it. (Maybe for re-installing the OS after a catastrophe, if they have no access to another machine with a DVD.)

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  • kvizzel
    Apr 3, 02:29 AM
    If I'm not mistaken, error 1013 just means that you changed your host file...

    Yeah I know, they said it was normal for errors, but it should be able to kick out of recovery mode.

    However I was stuck in the loop. Even in Tiny Umbrella I tried "fixing" it and still didn't work.

    I just re updated to 4.3.1, and decided if jailbreak every came out I'll try to downgrade depending what it's for. Too much of a hassle for me just trying to jailbreak.

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  • Huntn
    Mar 10, 10:47 PM
    Bravo guys. Capitalism can be energizing but it only works if the majority of citizens bother to vote in leadership that looks out for all citizens, not favor a handful of the most well off citizens. It's our fault we keep electing bozos to Washington.

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  • alent1234
    Apr 18, 12:07 PM
    Over the course of time, mobiles will displace consoles.

    We can already mirror the iPad 2 onto HDTVs. Not the best news for dedicated consoles. It's not perfect, but it's a powerful portent. Dedicated devices (as opposed to convergence) are destined to DIE.

    iCal this. Then in 2-3 years revisit this comment and be astounded.

    not going to happen

    Mass Effect 2 is on 2 DVD's for the x-box and a blu ray for the PS3. the iOS version of ME sucks in comparison. a new generation of consoles will be released starting this year and going into 2012 and expect MS and Sony to have blu ray. that's 50GB per disc and hard drives with almost a TB will probably be available to load your games on the console

    there is no way iOS can compete with that unless the devices get huge bump in storage

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  • obeygiant
    Apr 24, 10:17 PM
    Thanks so much! I owe you big time. Have a great week!

    That'll be $15. :)

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  • kalex
    Apr 17, 01:29 PM
    Yep then you are screwed

    It does look though that new version of the app is more responsive then version 1. but i'm going back to 1.0 for VPN. Its more important for me to have ability to watch it when I'm outside the confines of my apartment. When are these morons going to come to an agreement and stop putting these idiotic restrictions in place

    Oct 3, 09:35 PM
    actually I get the same errors your describing with firefox as well(on my mac).
    Says the image can't be displayed because it's currupt.

    Apr 20, 04:56 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8H7)

    Great day for apple

    May 6, 04:07 AM
    That's so true! I really wanted to go ultimate this time and that's what i did :cool:
    But i have to admit the cheapest iMacs are the best deals this time

    One thing i'de like to add. If video editing for you means doing some cuts, arranging your material and maybe doing a quick colour correction you don't need a powerfull machine. Actually i'm doing this with 1080p DSLR and Sony EX Cam footage on my two year old mac mini without problems.
    The reason i'm ordering a new iMac is that i hit my computers limits when doing extensive compositing in After Effects.
    Hope that helps

    Mar 28, 11:54 AM
    And...just to prove my point. iClarified (http://iclarified.com/entry/index.php?enid=14467) has just posted that 4.3.1 has been jailbroken (NOT FOR iPad2!). But...look closely at what i0n1c stated...most importantly item c (quoted below):

    "c. I am not giving out any ETA again, because the Jailbreak community is simply nuts. Last time I gave an ETA and even before that had passed I got constantly insulted by people that were demanding an immediate release. Sorry guys the more you insult people with the knowledge to actually do what YOU WANT the less motivation there is to use our free time to give it to you."

    Comex is working on a jailbreak for the ipad2. It at this point is unknown when it will, if ever, be released. Patience is a virtue....

    It'll be here for sure the day it's released :-)

    I will say this forum is never short of misleading titles though, hehe.

    Mar 27, 01:29 AM
    Your function example is a sum of squares, hence the a*a +b*b etc

    Sum of cubes is a*a*a +b*b*b etc and that will give your 11k as per what he got

    For your assignment, my approach would be to have 3 variables set to sum of squares, sum of cubes, and mean of squares and print out the desired variable to give your answer if the integers are within the desired range

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