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soccer ball

soccer ball. vector : happy soccer ball
  • vector : happy soccer ball

  • MBA13
    Apr 23, 08:04 PM
    System profiler, about this mac

    Mine is mid Feb.


    To confirm you have not applied any updates?

    Again thanks for the piece of info.

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  • Guinness Soccer Ball

  • Inkling
    Aug 7, 07:48 PM
    Good news! Virtual PC for Intel Macs never made much sense anyway. Why go to great pains to emulate an OS that can run native?

    Even better good news would be for the Mac Business Unit to develop a Mac-only version of Vista. Since it would target a very narrow set of hardware, it could be leaner, faster, more stable, and contain all the proper hardware drivers. Spared many of the woes of other Windows users, we'd be happy, and Microsoft would make more money as Mac users buy copies to use with Boot Camp or Parallel. They'd make far more with Vista for Macs than they'd ever make with Virtual PC.

    All in all, I'd say things are going quite well in the Mac world.

    --Michael W. Perry, Untangling Tolkien (the only book-length chronology of The Lord of the Rings.

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  • [ Soccer Ball Mask Halloween

  • pepitko
    Apr 13, 05:24 AM
    Wow, what a ripoff. You can get it done here in Spain for under $30.

    Well mine was unlocked from the beginning since Czech Republic doesn't allow phones to be locked to a specific carrier ;).

    soccer ball. Club Soccer Ball (SYSB02063004
  • Club Soccer Ball (SYSB02063004

  • Daringescape
    Oct 12, 10:30 AM
    Pages on my G4 ibook and even on my G5 dual 2ghz with a gig of ram is ridiculously slow - like molasses. If this spreadsheet program is this slow I will never use it.

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  • Soccer Ball Game Net Picture

  • jtbecke
    Jun 24, 06:32 AM
    anyone able to do a line update?

    soccer ball. Adidas Soccer Ball 3D Model
  • Adidas Soccer Ball 3D Model

  • kalsta
    May 4, 07:15 AM
    As you probably know, neither 13" model has a dedicated GPU, so serious gamers tell us they're not terribly well suited to gaming. Aside from that, I should think either would be a fantastic computer for school. If you had the money and didn't mind the larger screen, you could certainly look at the 15" models, but otherwise I'd probably save my money and go for the cheapest 13".

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  • Cartoon Soccer Ball Clipart

  • Applejuiced
    Apr 29, 07:04 AM
    okay, i tried to create my own custom firmware with sn0wbreeze 2.5.1 but it doesnt give me any option to not install cydia. does anybody know how to not install cydia in a custom firmware?

    Both snowbreeze and pwnage automatically install cydia.
    Hide the icon somewhere.

    soccer ball. Soccer Ball
  • Soccer Ball

  • mikebatho
    Aug 15, 04:41 PM
    Can nobody help me with this? I'm sure it can't be too tricky, if I come up with a piece of artwork of the right size....

    ?? :confused:

    soccer ball. Soccer Balls
  • Soccer Balls

  • arn
    May 11, 11:30 PM
    Originally posted by dukestreet
    Ah, sounds great. I'm glad you're acknowledging the MacRumors Community, giving it a vote of confidence.

    One question for you Arn. When you first started this site, would have expected it to have turned into what you see today or were you hoping for something else?

    Overall, I like how things have turned out...

    Ideally, I would like to be able to put more time into the design/graphics of the site... but it does what it needs to at the moment.

    In terms of functionality, I would have liked it to be a bit more easily trackable - rumor wise... with perhaps the latest rumors available on specific topics, as well as a more easily searchable database.... but that comes with time and some coding.... and I'll get to it... maybe by MWNY, we'll have things a bit better...

    overall, I'm pretty pleased though, and enjoy the rumor community.


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  • Patrick Atomic Soccer Ball

  • Mac_Freak
    Sep 25, 03:26 PM
    Er, nevermind, I just found the answer.

    Carry on... :o

    Too bad, I might have been able to answer your question. :D :p

    soccer ball. stock vector : soccer ball
  • stock vector : soccer ball

  • pianojoe
    Dec 31, 03:35 AM
    I like the new design although:

    I'm losing some screen real estate on my 12" PB. The first quarter of the screen is just the top ad, the logo, and the search field.

    It should be possible to make that more compact.

    If this is my own private HTML rendering problem, I'll gladly provide a screen shot.

    Go out and party!

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  • and Soccer/Soccer Ball.jpg

  • Dagless
    Mar 31, 09:46 PM
    It's been hinted at for a long time, I think Nintendo flat out announced it a while ago. Not sure now, definitely not from a hush hush developer or whatever ;)

    No really! Should be cool too. Updating buggy games, demos etc. Could be smart.

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  • Nike T90 Strike Soccer Ball

  • NY Guitarist
    Apr 4, 03:59 PM
    I will buy the MBA when it gets a backlit keyboard. I really like the small, light form but need to be able to see the keys in a dark room (or stage). The sales guy at the Apple store just told me to "crank the screen brightness and tilt the display down to light the keys". :D Yeah, uh no, the last thing I need in the dark is a brighter screen.

    Also, it would be nice to get Thunderbolt I/O and (really dreaming now) higher capacity/cost effective SSD storage.

    I think when you get a decent amount of SSD capacity without a huge price jack MBA sales will jump even more.

    soccer ball. Rubber Soccer Ball (0104001)
  • Rubber Soccer Ball (0104001)

  • laser71
    Feb 24, 08:18 AM
    Is this thread a joke?

    soccer ball. the form of a soccer ball.
  • the form of a soccer ball.

  • stridemat
    Apr 22, 01:59 PM
    BTW: What kind of documentary work do you want to do?

    Im interested in that to. Sounded like a fun job until all the cuts.

    soccer ball. Soccer Ball
  • Soccer Ball

  • stormin
    Mar 4, 10:57 AM
    it's a full time position, we have clients around the county. youw ould be handling 50/50 mac/pc clients. you need your own car but we pay mileage.

    e-mail me direct if you are interested.

    I'm a student at UCSD and would also be interested. What exactly does the job entail? Please let me know!


  • DeSnousa
    Sep 11, 07:22 AM
    Well I was asleep, woke up in the morning to watch tv. I believe the 2nd building had just collapsed, me and mum were in such shock. Went to school and all we did that day was watch the tv.

    May God be with those lost souls.

    soccer ball. strike a soccer ball
  • strike a soccer ball

  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Sep 12, 09:24 PM
    Did anyone else buy a new song? It seemed to me that when I picked up the new Bare Naked Ladies album it downloaded a lot faster and multiple songs at a time now.Yes, I got myself 2 new songs just after upgrading iTunes (getting the total up to 10 :p), but I thought the download was very slow... I presumed this was because of high load after the announcement/upgrade...

    ...but they did seem to download simultaneously... :cool:

    soccer ball. Soccer Ball (HD-F336)
  • Soccer Ball (HD-F336)

  • puma1552
    Feb 24, 08:58 AM
    I really don't feel like having to download some bloatware 3rd party free app to open rars

    May 1, 11:34 PM
    I was told by another member that this site is very informative and helpful.

    What I'm looking for is the best/coolest/most productive apps out there.

    I already have the basics like weather, facebook, and stuff like that. I'm looking for other apps you use that most don't know about.

    Games too, if you have any awesome games.

    Thanks, and I'll sit back and listen.

    No one?

    I'm basically looking for a list of your favorite apps, and what they do.

    Aug 4, 11:10 AM
    I would like to throw my hat in with this...

    In scotland, there's loads of people called mac and macintosh. ;)

    Nice Try. But hardly prize worthy.

    Now if you had sold your children on the black market for a mac pro and a 30" ACD - that might be considered really fanatical ;):p:D

    Apr 24, 07:19 PM
    10.6.5 I got it 3 days ago :D

    If you still have 10.6.5 could you click on about your Mac, more info, and post your firmware (example shown above).


    May 3, 06:37 PM
    Hi guys,
    I got my MP 2.8 Quad last week with stock config. The games are brilliant with the 5770. HOWEVER... :p me being me, i want to upgrade the graphics card already to future proof myself more (battlefield 3, and 4 and 5 ;) ).

    I've seen a lot of threads about the graphics cards on here, but i need to know:

    - What is the most powerful card which can be used in the Mac Pro WITHOUT extra cables/ peripherals.

    - Do any of the 69XX cards work in the Mac Pro? Which ones and how? Cables?

    - Would there be space for a 2nd card insertion if the first was a 69XX?

    Thanks a lot :)

    Oh, and it is fine if the card works only under Windows, as long as there is enough space to keep the 5770 under Mac. :)

    Mar 4, 08:24 PM
    Can you use RAID as an octane booster?

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