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  • pa_arora
    07-17 12:32 PM
    A federal judge has ordered USCIS to pay attorney Kip Evan Steinberg $25,000 in legal fees after the lawyer's client sued the agency to force it to complete processing in an adjustment of status green card case. USCIS tried to point the finger at the FBI for delays in the name check process, but the judge wasn't buying. The judge found the 151 hours the lawyer put in to the case to be reasonable. So 151 attorney hours were wasted, an individual waited years unnecessarily and America's taxpayers are out $25,000.

    - From Greg Siskind blog

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  • simple1
    06-03 02:00 PM
    fool's post. yes you are.

    The H1B are positioned better as they can relocate quickly. Most of USC and GC dont relocate due to housing ownership. While H1B homeownership is low.

    I personally know atleast 20+ USC not willing to move to greener grounds just because they have house.

    Housing did create a biased USC/GC jobseeker.

    06/03/2009: Increasingly Hostile Environment in the U. S. Against H-1B Foreign Workers

    H-1B foreign worker visa program has been facing hostility all over lately. Introduction of H-1B restriction bill in the Congress is just one environment that has been widely publicized. However, at the administrative level, the H-1B visa program has been going through a number of problems without much publicity. For Fiscal Year 2010 H-1B program, unlike previous years, there is a short of H-1B petitions to fill the annual cap this year two months after the agency first started taking in the petitions beginning from April 1, 2009. On the surface, the workloads of the new H-1B petitions have been substantially reduced for the agency, but in reality, the employers that filed the new H-1B petitions have been facing tons of boiler plate Request for Evidence demanding tons of documents over and over causing tremendous delays in adjudication of the petitions. The hostile environment does not end with the new H-1B petitions. Report indicates that the H-1B workers are increasingly stranded abroad not being able to obtain the visa stamp abroad pending so-called protracted security checks and consequently not being able to return to the U.S. to resume employment. Should this environment continue, the business environment for the U.S. businesses will continuously deteriorate and the businesses will continuously suffer unless they take out their businesses and jobs abroad to meet the needed workforces in order to stay in business in increasingly competitive global economy. Nothing will be able to stop the offshore outsourcing of the U.S. businesses. This is something the Obama Administration should think about very quick before too late.

    Donot be suprised to expect more, one of my friends at IBM got letter (from IBM attorney) asking to state client location etc..I think it could be based on any new USCIS H1B rules or verification ??

    How things change over time..1999 and 2009 opposite in almost most ways. job offers, rates, hostility, length of job contracts etc

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  • kris04
    08-07 08:56 PM

    Iam trying to explain my employer that it's ok to hire employees with EAD. For some reason they prefer GC or Citizen only. I referred them to the Discrimination clause on I-9 form. Then they told me about their problems hiring EAD.

    1) If the Employee is hired on a valid EAD and later during the course of employment the EAD expired, there is no system in place for them to check back with the employee if (s)he has renewed it in a timely manner.

    2) If such an employee that has not renewed their EAD and continued their employment beyond expiration without notifying the employer, the company is worried that they may be legally liable for harboring employees with illegal statuses.

    Please help me understand if their concerns are valid and if not what is the remedy.

    how big is your employer, any decent HR software should have compliance system that can handle this legal status issue

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  • kanshul
    02-01 09:36 AM
    Fair enough.

    You said you don't have EAD.

    Did you file for 485? If yes was it in July 2007? Please update your profile.


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  • apnair2002
    05-02 06:21 PM

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  • pady
    06-18 07:17 PM
    No, I don't have any agreement with my employer. The only noncompete is between my employer and the vendor. The client is happy to work through different vendor.


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  • gimme_gc_asap
    07-16 09:12 PM
    deecha is looking for a deig!

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  • va_labor2002
    06-17 12:53 PM
    Once the Core team drafts a letter we can send that....

    Any comments from Core Team Members ? Is it possible to send ? Who is going to draft a letter ?


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  • webr
    09-07 06:41 PM
    Has anyone applied FAFSA or Stafford loan with Parolee status ? , I am planning to apply for my online degree. I have H1B ,but using AP to reenter.

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  • sk76012w
    07-04 10:23 AM

    Here is my experience. I attended interview at Chennai Consulate on 06/23/08 (H1 approval notice - 2006). Got my passport back in 2 days. No PIMS delay as my info was already in their system. My daughter (H4 approval notice - 2006 and principal applicant is my husband) attended the interview on the same day. However, her info was not available in PIMS. They kept the passport and said it will be sent within a week. I sent an email (to ChennaiNIV@state.gov) on 07/02. They sent a reply asking me to contact them again in 3 days. By God's grace, she received her stamped passport on 07/04.

    Now, answers to your questions:

    Chennai appointments slots are normally open 3-4 weeks in advance. Make an appointment accordingly.

    I think the info is added to PIMS on a routine basis. Making an appointment does not seem to have any effect. If, on the day of your interview, your info is there in PIMS, it is there. Otherwise, you will have to wait till the time they add it.

    I normally go to Chennai as that is my regional consulate.

    I am not aware of any specific way to make them add your info to PIMS (if it is already not there) before you actually attend the interview.

    We have always followed one very successful strategy in all our visa dealings with US consulate namely, PRAY TO GOD.

    All the very best for your interview.

    Disclaimer: I am not a legal expert on visa stamping procedures or on any of the issues discussed above. These are all my opinions/assumptions only purely based on my experience.


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  • morchu
    05-08 05:39 PM
    Medicals expire in 1 yr. Also the requirements might have changed.
    Can I ask the doctor to re-send the I-693 form?

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  • snathan
    02-01 09:59 AM
    You did substitude and want to keep that PD. ...:p

    But you wont be able to do so....:D


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  • mdcowboy
    12-18 02:16 PM
    Hi Goel_Ar, thanks for the response. Assuming there is indeed very good co-ordination between USCIS and SSN office, how long does it *normally* take to get the card?

    Any ideas, anyone?

    They say it takes 10-14 business days but my Wife got it within 7 business days. hope this helps.

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  • ajay
    04-11 03:17 PM
    Check this link:


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  • sukhyani
    03-05 12:32 PM
    Rest of the World.

    The interview didn't last more than 10 minutes. She asked for copies of current employment letter and a copy of future employment offer letter. She kept my original (first) I-94 and attached it to the file she already had.

    We were asked standard questions and additional proof of our relationship. We submitted copies of apartment lease, tax returns for 2006 (filed jointly).

    'Have a nice day' is what she said to signal that the interview was over. On our way out I asked her if we are not supposed to get a decision today. She said she had to review a couple of things and that there's 'nothing to worry about' and we should receive written decision within 4 weeks. She did mention about 'a couple of security checks being pending'. I asked 'like name check and stuff', she said yes. I didn't say anything about that new memo regarding Name Check Pending for more than 180 days and just walked out quietly, because she didnt seem like she was going to take any more questions :)

    Now I dont know what to do next? Any idea whats gonna happen? My PD, RD and ND all are current at this time.

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  • FredG
    December 31st, 2004, 07:13 AM
    You don't go for easy subjects, do you? Glass is tough, and you did well. But if you keep this up, it will cost you $3,000 to replace your wife's wardrobe!

    Just a few thoughts coming from very limited experience. Aqua reflectors might disguise or mute the specular highlights, which is always the toughest part on glass. If you want the rims lit less (personal preference - I think these look fine), you could bounce off one of the cards rather than the ceiling. Another interesting way to shoot glass is to put it on a glass surface, and have the light source coming from below with a black background. But then you couldn't have staggered height arrangement like you have here.


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  • oaktree
    01-12 12:57 PM
    Dear Attornies,experts

    My perm was denied recently because "The wage listed in the SWA job order is less than the wage offered to the foreign worker", It took DOL almost one and half years to determine this after a business necessity audit. I am going to start a new application now. What are my chances for an appeal by providing corrected supporting documents, can I apply a new application while an appeal is in progress..

    Can I have multiple PERM applications from multiple employers at the same time, with different position titles?

    Is there anyway of taking advantage of the old priority date application that was denied with a new application.

    I almost lost 2 years in priority date because of this denial...

    Please suggest...

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  • malibuguy007
    10-02 02:55 PM
    Thanks for the support Chintu

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  • lazycis
    01-15 10:48 AM
    Thanks a lot for your timely reply. I want to know does it matter how we exited US, I mean did anyone see your advance parole while leaving US.



    It does not matter how you exited. You will need AP to re-enter and you will lose H1 status. I hope AP was approved before you left the US.

    01-16 07:57 PM
    Folks, there is thought that keeps coming to mind about where to go back in India when we finally plan to...

    When we came in 2002 we did think that we will go back in a couple of years at the most....but it's been longer...we definately love it hear but think that should settle down in India rather for multiple reasons (mostly personal reasons)

    I am from a small town in India and it is definately not a IT hub, my wife is from Mumbai and we think it is now too crowded (as always -:) or say to hectiv a life in Mumbai....

    so then which is the best place to go ...Pune ? I hear that even that is very crowded and not to mention the sky rocketing real estate....

    We have 2 kids...one 6 years and the younger one ...one year....
    How is schooling back home ? I hear that the studies for the school there are much more difficult compared to here ? I mean can kids going from here cope up there in schools ?

    I also hear that there are foreign schools....for which I might have to continue working here to pay the fees -;)

    Thoughts friends ?

    I am in the software industry (Business Inteligence)

    10-21 03:54 PM
    I just called Senate Judiciary committee 202 224 7703 asking about
    the status of S. 1085 that talks about unused visa number capture...

    She mentioned that they are reviewing it this fall ....
    will appreciate if any one has any other information

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