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  • 485_spouse
    06-07 10:22 AM
    Hi All,
    Yesterday we e-filed for my wife's 3rd EAD and 4th AP. This will be our first efile.
    As we need to send supporting documents for both applications.
    Should we send them in one package or two?
    Printed address for both application is same!

    Is it because I-131 is being considered as child request of I-765?
    Thanks in advance.


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  • eucalyptus.mp
    02-16 03:12 PM
    H1 Transfer and Extention
    Posted Today at 04:06 PM by eucalyptus.mp
    I am working in US from Feb 2007 to till date. I was on H1-B visa This H1-B petition is valid till 30 sep,2009. I am currently on project which ends on 31 March 2009 . Before that I want to change my employer .
    Some ppl suggested me Transfer H1 with extention immediately. Some said that stay with current employer have extention and then transfer . Is there any problem now a days for H1 Transfers ?
    Please give me your valuable suggestions.


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  • hetuweb
    01-25 08:23 PM
    This is my situation friends.
    - My I-140 approved in January 2007 and I-485 filed in July 2007
    - Me and my wife has EAD + Advance Parole (AP) + Finger print done.
    - We decided to go back to India
    - I will come for 3 months every year and other 9 months, I will work from India for the same employer, the same work-outsourcing work.
    - I will be continued on Payroll of my present employer in future too.
    - I came on visitor visa in 2001 and then converted into H-1b visa and then never go to India till today.
    - Now I am on H-1b extension on 7th year (3 yr. extension up to year 2010 on basis of approved I-140)
    - I will get H-1b visa stamp up to year 2010 from Mumbai, so can I come to USA on H-1b visa stamp after conversion of ADJUSTMENT OF STATUS (AOS) TO CONSULAR PROCESSING (CP)? (my present AP will be expired at that time when I come to USA)
    - Now what can I do? Should I TRANSFER FROM �Adjustment Of Status (AOS) TO Consular Processing (CP)� or continue on AOS? What is better and advisable for me?
    - Can I get Advance Parole (AP) from India after Consular Processing conversion?
    - To convert from AOS to CP, can I have to be in USA or I can do from India also?

    Your help in this matter will be highly appreciated as I am going very soon.

    Thanks in advance to all of you friends.

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  • Almond
    07-20 09:32 PM
    They expire after a certain amount of time. Just go take them as they want you to. You don't want anything to get delayed in the future just because you don't want to be bothered with them today.


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  • dealsnet
    11-15 10:09 PM
    You are speaking about the job doing, what is the present visa status now?

    Hi All,

    I hold different administrative and accounting responsibilities in my company. My company can't sponsor me as an accountant, because I don't have too much experience.

    Are there any other occupation which can fit my responsibilities to get an H1B visa?

    Thank you for your help.

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  • sanjay02
    05-31 07:27 PM
    Can some one please answer this?

    EAD renewal question
    When renewing EAD paper filing not E-file, I had written the check in favor of USCIS instead of "U.S.Department of Homeland security" , do you think there would be a issue for them to accept the cheque?


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  • roseball
    08-29 10:29 AM
    I am working in US on L1A visa expiring in November 2010 (completing 7 years). The Visa with whom I am working are not processing my GC. Before changing my Visa to L1A, I had H1B which is expired now. So I am applying for PERM through another employer. This employer/attorney is going to file for Labor in one or two months. What are the chances of my Labor and I-140 getting approved before December 2010? If my Labor got approved by December 2010, Can I switch to the employer who has applied for PERM and continue staying in US? Are there any options? Please advice. Thanks for your time.

    PERM processing for non-audited cases is taking anywhere from 8-12 months these days. Assuming your case does not come under audit, then yes, with premium processing of I-140, you can expect both your Labor/I-140 being approved by Dec 2010 (assuming the 8-12 month PERM processing times still hold good)

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  • ash27
    06-12 04:30 PM
    IT market is very bad outside and you may be better off taking the position. Hang on to whatever you have for atleast a year and then think about moving. Few of my friends who were recently let go are having a hard time finding anything or the rates are very low. Other people can chime in with their experience...


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  • Cmartin
    03-06 08:54 PM
    Actually I have an L2 not an L1...hence the need of an EAD before the green card...

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  • gc??
    04-23 11:16 AM
    Thank you guys. Feel much better.
    Glad it is not cancelled with prejudice! Never knew so many terminology associated with immigration.


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  • samuelt
    02-24 10:49 AM
    The steps that I followed are on the tutorial on your site: (link below)


    1. Add an Empty Web Site
    2. Go to Start Options...
    3. Add the Silverlight Project on the Silverlight Applications tab.

    I attach a screenshot of the file structure.

    Thank you.


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  • jain4444
    11-09 08:22 PM

    My spouse will be in India next week and would be going for her H1B stamping at the Mumbai consulate. She came here on H4 and we applied for her H1B, effective 10/2007, and she has been working since Jan08 and have all her paystubs from that date. Can you share your experience in terms of questions they ask and supporting documents they request in addition to the documents that we are required to carry.

    Your reply would be appreciated


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  • sw33t
    08-10 05:16 PM
    Bumpity bump. Join us


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  • ssashraf
    04-25 02:57 PM
    I am planning to change jobs within the next 30 days and my I-140 is currently in process (filed October 2010). I have applied for I-140 premium processing last week and expect to have a response from USCIS by May 6 2011. My new employer is not sure that they can transfer the H1B since I have an I-140 in process with my current employer. The H1B with current employer expires on July 30 2011.

    - Can I transfer H1B to new employer while I-140 is in process with current employer? Can the new employer file for H1B extension after transfer while current employers I-140 is in process? Current employer has confirmed that they do not withdraw the I-140 while it is in process or after it is approved even if employee leaves the job.
    - Is it better to transfer H1B after the I-140 has been approved and once transfer is done, file for H1B extension right away? Can the new employer use the old employers I-140 to get a 3 year extension?

    Guidance will be greatly appreciated.



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  • NikNikon
    April 3rd, 2005, 07:45 AM
    #1 works best for me as well due to the sharper lines and starlike highlights.

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  • kuyt
    10-20 08:56 PM
    Can a felony conviction by a sponsor affect the person being sponsored? If they get deported will it result in any punitive action against the person being sponsored? Is there a time limit where a sponsor can't affect the person being sponsored by committing a crime?


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  • Becks
    02-23 09:24 PM
    Here are the answers.
    Hi Everyone

    I am filling out my i-485 and I had a couple of questions.

    A) What is the Expires On field in Part 1 referring to (right under the I-94#)?
    Is it the actual expiry of my Visa (as printed on the Visa) or the date written on my I-94?
    It should be the expity date on I94 form. If the current I94 form is expired / your visa(like H) is renewed you should get I94 attached with it with expiry date.
    B) In part 3 it asks which consulate the Visa was issued. I got it at the American embassy in Oslo. I assume this is what they want to know. Could anyone reassure me?
    Yes, it is the consulate where you got the visa stamp with which you entered USA.
    C) In part 3b I list my wife who is an American. I assume that I should leave her A# blank. Is this correct? I also kinda think I read somewhere that even though it says middle initial (also in 3b) you should actually list the entire middle name? Is there any truth to this?
    I think you can leave A# blank for your wife (but plz check with your lawer / others). Also I think you should write your name same as in your passport/other docs.

    Thanks a lot. Hope someone can help me.

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  • manish756
    04-12 04:32 PM
    Thanks a lot . she is travelling on AP. I haven't received the RFE till now.
    It was issued in 10 april 2009i didn't understand about three weeks.Can you pls elaborate

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  • alex99
    10-31 04:38 PM

    USCIS is scheduled to publish a revised regulation tomorrow removing the 485 Original Receipt Notice requirement for the H and L nonimmigrants traveling and returning to the U.S. pending the 485 proceedings

    03-08 12:05 PM

    Thank you so much for your quick reply. Your feedback helps.

    Due to family reasons, my wife (H4) has to visit India, do you think even for H4 they will issue Admin processing. I work for a bank and have all the legal documents.

    Any advise.

    03-18 10:50 AM
    I happen to hear that its more easy to convert from L1 visa to Green card .Is it something that the employer has to initiate ? Can we start the process by ourselves.

    please shed some light on this.

    You may be eligible to file under EB1-C. Your employer needs to sponsor.

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