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  • javacool2008
    07-18 01:12 PM
    After the show down of the USCIS and all the high skilled immigrats. USCIS posted that they are withdrawing the July 2nd board. This is great news.

    I have filed my I-485, I-131, and I-765, and they reached USCIS by July 13th. According to the new board, USCIS will no long reject them.

    So what will happen from now on? What is the procedure after this?

    I guess this might be a newbie question. If someone can post some answers for me, it will be very helpful.


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  • leoindiano
    11-08 09:19 PM

    I had sent a letter yesterday to following address...

    Secretary Janet Napolitano
    Department of Homeland Security
    US Department of Homeland Security
    Washington DC 20528

    Is that the correct address??

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  • Munna Bhai
    01-25 08:08 AM

    What one should do to work in projects which needs security clearance.Is there any way out for H1bs?


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  • eyeswe
    05-15 12:49 PM
    Thanks for the quick reply. Did you have a permanent US address though as you shuttled between Toronto and US?


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  • gparr
    June 5th, 2005, 11:17 AM
    This rose bloom stood out so well against the foliage background, that I thought I'd try a little different composition in which the main subject is a small part of the frame. Does this composition work or does it need to be cropped?

    20D, Sigma EX 105 macro, 1/160 sec., f/2.8, ISO 200

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  • Kitiara
    10-22 04:39 AM
    I always use www.1001freefonts.com (http://www.1001freefonts.com) - it does exactly what it says on the tin.

    Er... Non UK people might not get that reference...


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  • greensignal
    01-04 02:17 AM
    I have a curious situation. I have filed EB3-485 as a secondary applicant to my wife. I am currently in a job where I can't file a green card ( this is my 5th year of H1b). My understanding is one can't have a seventh year extension for H1b unless his I-140 is approved.

    Should I consider changing the job and filing another GC by myself. I know I can continue renewing EAD but I still want to keep my H1b


    Just apply for labor and once the labor is approved apply for I140 (Apply in premium if USCIS starts accepting premium by the time your labor is approved). If premium is not started by the time your labor is approved then apply I140 in regular and wait for premium to start. you can change your I140 Application to premium even though you filed it in regular processing originally.

    Who knows you might get the I140 approval in regular processing also before your 6 years is complete.

    just do what you can

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  • thomachan72
    01-18 01:14 PM
    I rarely post/quote other forum threads here...this is an exception. I think it's a good post/comment from miceelf ( msg 34) on Ron's site:

    Please forgive me if it's offending to anyone:
    February Visa Bulletin (http://www.immigration-information.com/forums/visa-quota-and-cutoff-date-issues-66/february-visa-bulletin-13129/index4.html#post54691)

    Not sure about that...


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  • vikramy
    12-22 01:20 PM
    I did same 4 years ago. You can travel while your H1B transfer is pending.

    1. Can I visit india while my tranfer is pending...???
    Yes you can.

    2. if I plan to visit india after H1b aproval, do I need to get a new visa stamping for company B or can I travel back with company A visa ..??

    I got a new stamping before i came back to US. But while my application was pending, i called US Consulate in India they said you don't need one as long as current stamping on passport is valid. They said you just need to show new company's appointment/employment letter at immigration if questioned. But better to check with attorney, my attorney asked me to get stamped and come back

    3. For me to travel back with company A visa , do I need to make sure company A has not informed USCICS to cancel H1b visa.

    I think yes. I would suggest to have a premium h1 transfer so that you have new papers in 15 days and you don't depend on your old company's visa

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  • smmakani
    05-01 09:46 AM
    I don't think rally is a the better way to put forward our issues. I would prefer to do this using media interviews that what we are doing.


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  • flipflop
    08-28 01:39 PM
    I believe filing CPT and working on CPT till EAD (if filed with 485) arrives in hand should not affect pending I-485 at all.

    Can somebody else in this situation confirm this?

    This should be quite a common issue.

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  • Cheran
    09-18 12:58 PM
    It all depends on their background check and security requirements.

    As a non-US citizen your EAD has the same worth as a H1B for these jobs. Same is the case for LPR's for US Federal jobs with various security clearance checks (where only US Citizens can apply).

    I know contractors who work without citizenship, but for a employee it looks like US Citizenship is a basic necessity. Do you have any first hand knowledge? Thanks in advance.


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  • nonimmi
    06-15 03:47 PM

    This was a GREAT week for all of us. Past three days have changed our discussion topics and we're now more concerned about doctor appointments and certificates. That is a good thing to talk about indeed. But lets not forget this battle goes on and we all need to be together in this journey. No one knows where one will be stuck!! So please continue working with IV agenda and contribute in anyways possible.

    New members, please contribute considering the help you're getting from this IV forum. Remember IV needs money to support all of us. We're using so much IV resource and its our duty that we must suport IV.

    Thanks IV.

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  • senthil1
    05-20 01:42 PM
    It is true that immigration is not at all reason for unemployment. When unemployment increases that will decrease immigration to some extent. We could see that in h1b numbers and also illegal immigration. But future immigration will depend on how fast jobs are created when recovery starts.

    From Business Week: A report released on Tuesday makes the case that increased immigration is not a cause of increased unemployment in the U.S. The study, �The Unemployment Disconnect: Untying the Knot,� was issued by the Immigration Policy Center, the research arm of the American Immigration Law Foundation, an association of immigration lawyers that generally supports pro-immigration policies. The study sets out with the assertion that if immigrants are taking jobs away from native-born workers, �one would expect to find high unemployment rates in those parts of the country with large numbers of immigrants.� Examining state, county, and metropolitan area...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2009/05/study-no-link-between-immigration-and-unemployment.html)


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  • ragool25
    08-30 05:36 PM
    Thanks mhathi for your response.

    How long ( no of days) does the USCIS California center takes to decide the case for Fresh H1( F1- H1) RFE after requested documents were submitted before deadline under premium processing category.

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  • gcpool
    04-19 05:27 AM
    I dont think we are doing any wrong here. I think it helps people. People can search who are the H1B and GC sponsoring companies. You can search about lawyers who have filed H1B and Green Cards.


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  • martinvisalaw
    06-07 02:37 PM
    I'm confused. I thought you said there was an RFE in your first post?

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  • ewapu
    03-11 08:15 PM
    hey i got 2nd one from the NSC. Is it happening with many people??

    wat r the chances if handled carefully???

    please share your advice nd experiences. thanks a lot

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  • varshadas
    03-26 06:11 AM
    Hi Mikoo,
    Thanks for your support on this. Please do not wait for people to meet the law makers. Go ahead and schedule your appointments and if no one responds, please go alone.


    10-19 09:30 AM
    Hi folks,
    Have a question? Will it be possible to change from EB-2 to Eb-3 with in the same company. My PD is Nov 02 with I-140 just now approved. Or do i have to find another job in some other company in order to use old priority date. Pl. advise is this the right time to change or wait for EB-3 to be current for my PD(don't know , lost hope as of now)


    08-10 10:00 PM

    Thanks for looking at this question:

    Scenario: I was working for company A on H1 (valid until 2010) and filed a GC through a company B (Head Hunter Company) for future employment, I have my 140 approved, and 485 was filed June 2007, have an EAD/AP. Got a RFE for intent of employment was satisfied with a letter from Company B that "I intend to join company B subject to my favourable adjudiciation". Company A is going under because of lack of funds.

    Now I am searching for a job, I am getting job offers.

    1) Either I will do a contract through through Company B for which I do not have to anything in terms of immigration right?

    2) But if I strart working for Company C's payroll then I am going to have to do an AC21 right or can I still hang on to company B.

    3) If I do AC21 through company C and if the Job description is pretty close to the description on the LC then would it be okay or do I fear rejection? Or will I be asked why I did not work for the company who filed for my GC in the first place.

    Please throw some light on the best option I have.


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