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  • shreekhand
    09-18 12:39 PM
    It all depends on their background check and security requirements.

    As a non-US citizen your EAD has the same worth as a H1B for these jobs. Same is the case for LPR's for US Federal jobs with various security clearance checks (where only US Citizens can apply).

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  • kittu07in
    09-24 09:53 PM
    I believe, USCIS website was updated on Sep 21st 2009.

    My Priority date is Jun 2006 and applied in EB3 category.
    I got an email on Sep 22nd 2009 from USCIS saying "Document mailed to applicant". When I see online status, it is "Document production or Oath Ceremony".
    I called twice USCIS to confirm it. But they are saying "According to online status the document was already sent to your current address".

    I am in a situation to beleive it or not? to celebrate it or not.... :-( .....

    And one more thing is "I got EAD before my marriage and I haven't added my wife to I485"?

    If I get GC, how to add my wife to GC? is it possible? what is her status right now?

    Thanks in advance...

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  • indo_obama
    05-12 10:31 AM
    I think he has to give some BDS exam first to get a scroe and then using that he should be able to apply to various colleges. The course fees is about $200,000 . So if you can get admission somewhere and can pay the fees then he can be minting money soon:D

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  • jsb
    01-09 03:40 PM
    Thanks jsb..In that case, I am changing jobs even without working for my GC sponsorer. I heard that it could potentially lead to fraud case.are you sure we can do this or do u know somebody who has done this.


    AC21 guidance issued in the following link should clarify some of your concerns.


    GC sponsorship is always for a future job. Until your GC approval, if you are working for the sponsoring employer, you are there as a guest worker (on H1B, L1 etc.). It will be fraud if it is established that sponsoring employer did not really intend to employ you, and you did not really intend to work for them as a permanent employee, upon getting your GC.


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    04-19 10:33 AM
    I totally agree with you. I hope date will move fast now since there is not enough people in 2002-2003. I hope this will be same for India and china too. Let`s hope for the best.

    Nice poll. Can we have some modification as India and China has much difference in retrogression.

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  • gcsharma
    09-30 12:53 PM
    I'm currently working for Company A on H1B Visa. My GC is sponsored through Company B as a future employee. I never worked for Company B which has sponsored for my GC. I have applied for I485 and I140 has been approved for more than 6 months.

    Company A is going through lay offs and wont be able to apply for my GC. My 6 yr limit on H1B from Company A will expire next year.

    Can i apply for H1B extension through Company A based on my I-140 from Company B.


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  • HV000
    02-22 10:22 PM
    I just watched it and its about the citizenship wait!! They talked 500,000 legal latinos not able to vote during this election.

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  • mkiv
    03-24 12:58 PM
    Totally irrelevant to this forum. Administrator please review this thread.

    I know this is irrelevant in a way but see it from a different angle for one moment. There is no other forum where you can get any information about these H1 employers who are playing games using retrogression. This is the only forum where most of the people on H1 are related to some desi consulting company and can share their experiences which would help other people who are in huge pain due to the unfair practices of their existing employers.

    I would recommend the administrators to create a separate area on this forum where people can share these experiences and find genuine employers.


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  • acecupid
    08-16 07:27 PM
    Go to the indian consulate and get the correction done. They will do it in a single day if you show urgency.

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  • h1bdude1
    03-25 10:03 PM
    Anybody Please Reply


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  • vatsa
    01-04 10:38 AM

    The silence from those of us not affected by the green card process who are legal immigrants is annoyingly deafening. The entire economy has picked up now and yet legislation takes forever to pass!

    What does it take for lawmakers to turn their heads? People holding placcards and signs on streets protesting? Is that the only way to have something heard? Obviously, written articles such as these isn't helping!

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  • dealsboy
    08-19 01:38 PM
    Based on the knowledge I have.

    1. Can my hospital file for my PERM and subsequently for GC while I am still doing chief residency on cap exempt visa and technically a part of residency program which is cap exempt?

    If it is a profit based company then you are no more cap exempt. You have to file a new H1B asap.

    2. Will i need a new H1b process with the hospital as it has changed from cap exempt to cap status as it is no longer non profit?

    They have to file a new H1B for you.

    3.My prospective employment date will be June 19 2011 as till then I will be working as chief resident, so what would be the earliest date for filing the PERM and H1b application

    GC is for future employment. When they apply for Prevailing wage they have to apply based on your 2011 position (Hospitalist/Teaching Hospitalist/ Primary care doctor). They can file your GC now.


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  • njboy
    07-08 09:24 AM
    yes, they can find out if u were on payroll and paid tax

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  • GCBy3000
    06-23 12:15 PM
    Yes, true.


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  • DSP
    01-13 01:38 AM
    I had my parents and my grandmom visit me last year. All three of them went together for the visa interview at Delhi. The only question the officer asked my father was - Why do you want to take your Mom to visit the US 'now'? and my dad replied, 'If I do not take her now, when will I take her?'. They all got a 10 year visa.

    Hope that helps,
    All the best!

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  • mach1343
    12-15 05:22 PM
    I have to work 20 hrs per week part time apart from my full time 40hrs per week. Since I am not working 35 hrs per week as you said does this mean my GC process will have a effect?


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  • Ann Ruben
    03-08 12:46 PM
    Either your employer, or the lawyer can contact DOL directly in this situation.

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  • andycool
    12-25 07:19 PM

    Need quick suggestion:

    Company A filed for GC. Labor and I-140 was approved. I-485 was filed during July 2007.

    I changed employer in June 2009; replied to RFE and filed AC21 in July 2009.

    I came to know that my GC sponsring company is going to close the company soon. My current immigration attorney is suggesting that if that happens; and if INS came to know that GC sponsring company is closing down, they will revoke my I-140.

    Is it true? I thought after AC21 is invoked; whatever happens to GC sponsring company, it will not impact my GC application in any way.

    Please advice.


    you should be fine ...
    just keep your AC21 documents intact...
    Have a happy new year ..dont worry,

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  • burnt
    06-16 05:13 PM
    I just changed my job from a consulting position to a full time position.

    Got my H1B transferred and I will be filing AC21 in a few weeks from now. I don't have my I-140 approval with me. My company lawyer says there is no issue, and I am all set

    11-18 07:08 AM
    FI...I got my DL yesterday, 40 days after giving DMV tests.

    05-23 04:08 PM
    Visa Interview: Que on Permission to enter New Delhi Embassy for 2 yr 3 months old Son

    I am working in USA. I am planning to travel to India next month and require to apply for USA Visa interview.

    I have 2 years and 3 months old younger Son who is born in USA and is a American Citizen holding American Passport.

    Could you please shar exp. if he will be allowed to be with us during our Visa Interview in New Delhi Embassy. if Yes. pls let me know if there is any requirement for his entry inside the New Delhi Embassy.

    Appreciate your reply in this regard.


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