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  • ilikekilo
    04-09 08:06 PM
    This is nothing. This is also like Biden speaking in Central America recently. Lots of noise, but Obama is moving forward

    I like your ever beaming optimism...and +ve outlook... (no pun intended)..Lets see whats in store..U never know..

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  • eagerr2i
    10-07 09:18 AM
    I looked hard at both the print and online but could not locate the WSJ article you are talking about. Do you have the URL?

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  • karthkc
    03-17 05:02 PM
    i have read some place in this forum that as long as you maintain your full time primary job you are entitled to use your ead for other smaller assignments without losing your H1 status. But then again I am not a lawyer just sharing what I have read.

    AFAIK, Using EAD either for a FT or PT job should invalidate other non-immigrant work authorization documents like H1B since EAD is a derivative benefit of filing for immigrant status and you cannot mix and match your status...

    If this is not true and there is a discussion on this forum clarifying that, I would like to know too...



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  • sachya
    08-13 08:31 PM
    I am posting this on behalf of my cousin who is stuck in India pending stamping. He went to Mumbai consulate for H1 B stamping on Apr 29th. He was asked for further evidence about his employer and his employer's payroll details for all employees etc. After much confusion created by the consulate, the details were provided by his employer and by him (sealed copies) as well. He has visited the consulate 3 times and VFS office couple of times and was told your passport will be returned in couple of days but till date he has not received it.
    He also has his AOS application pending with USCIS with his wife as the primary applicant. He has a valid EAD card and AP (which needs renewal). It's been a really long time he had to spend away from his family. He has certain questions he would like to get clarified,

    1. How long can it take for 221g pending case to clear? I have submitted my passport to consulate on 10th Jun.
    2. Can I write consulate a hand written mail (not an email) asking for passport saying that I want to travel on travel doc as I'm away from my wife for 8,9 months.
    3. Can I ask consulate to return my passport without H1 stamping for renewal of Travel Document (AP)?
    4. Can I travel on my travel doc (AP) after asking my passport back without any problem at the port of entry?
    5. After asking for my passport back will it affect the renewal of my travel document (AP)?

    Thanks a lot!


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  • amengiv
    01-14 10:16 AM
    a2k2, Thanks a lot and best wishes!

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    02-14 03:31 PM
    I have filed my H1B extension on November as my H1B is expiring on 23rd Feb.
    I haven't got my approval yet. I have currently EAD and my I140 approved.
    My question is if I don't get my approval on or before 23rd Feb what will happen to my status?
    My Lawyer said once you filed you have 140 days (or 160 days forgot) for approval meaning even if it does not get approved on or before I will be on H1B till I complete 140 days from date of filling.
    Please advise.

    Since you have already applied for your extension & I think you should be fine until 240 days beyond your current H1 expiry date. I filed my H1(8th year) ext on Oct 21st, 2007 and got my approval notice via mail directly to my employer on Jan 31st. Useless online status still shows "Case received and pending"...:D

    Relax man you will get it, its just a matter of time and looks like your are still in their normal processing time frame.


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    10-27 11:03 AM
    I could not understand what you mean by "NON-RIR labors were being processed first compared to the RIR ones. "

    From AILA and immigration-law.com:

    "AILA has reported that the BECs are still processing April 2001 traditional cases for the traditional case track and it is not expected to move ahead for sometime due to the huge number of 245(i) cases which were filed in April 2001."

    I think we will not see a lot for Traditional Cases for a looong time.

    My NON-RIR - PD - 04/2002 is also stuck in BEC.

    Last i read was that the NON-RIR labors were being processed first compared to the RIR ones. So think twice before u take any decision.

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  • adcking
    07-23 02:12 PM

    My wife filed her LC under EB3 with June 2003 priority date and I filed my LC under EB2 with Feb 2005 Prority date. Later, I had a job change, in the same company and had to re-do my LC/I-140 -- this time the LC was filed in Nov 2006. My lawyer requested retaining of my original Feb 2005 priority date.

    Later when the floodgates opened in 2007, I filed for my I-485 (and my wife's) and a month later she filed her I-485 (based on her independent application and also added me as a spouse to that application).

    So now we have the following situation.

    1. We both have two A- numbers (Because I filed for her I-485 on my application and she filed for mine on her application)
    2. We now have three different priority dates

    Feb 14th 2005 � my original EB2 application
    Nov 2006 � my EB2 re-application
    June 2003 � my wife�s original EB3 application

    Most people with Feb 2005 Priority dates have already received their Green Card approvals. I have not and we got concerned.

    We contacted USCIS and they have told us that the file is "under review". We asked what Priority date are they using and the immigration officer said he cannot tell us that because the file is under review.

    My questions are

    1. How do I find out what priority date are they using?
    2. What should I ask my lawyer to do to ensure that USCIS uses the right priority date?
    3. I have an info-pass appointment on August 3 (my wife's appointment) -- what should I ask them? I went to them last week and got very little to no information. They did say my name check is complete and fingerprinting is complete, and that the case is sitting with an officer for review.



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  • number30
    05-16 08:06 PM
    Hi I'm a Moroccan citizen I was placed in removal proceedings (NY Buffalo) and took voluntary departure. once my wife's divorce was finalized we got married while on voluntary departure. we filed motion to reopen the case and it was reopened and transferred to Los Angeles, CA then the judge closed my case based on marriage with an I130 receipt without prejudice. The I130 was filed on june 2009 and was transferred to Los Angeles on November 12, 2009. I made an appointment with Info Pass but they just said you have to wait untill we call you. My lawyer said I can't file for the I485 untill the I130 is approved. My question is: How long will it take before we will be called for an interview?
    An estimation will be much appreciated thank you very much.

    I cannot give you any estimation But my question is why can't you file I-485. Any one who pending marriage based I-130 should be able to file I-485. Double check this with another attorney.

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  • purgan
    02-04 12:58 PM
    I have heard if one leaves the country while AP is being processed, the application is considered abandoned.

    My lawyer specifically stated this.

    This is an interesting twist..anyone else care to comment?


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  • mirchiseth
    05-29 01:42 PM

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  • learning01
    04-06 01:33 PM
    bill (# S......), will come into this S.Amdt of Specter. See my post here elsewhere in IV (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showpost.php?p=7032&postcount=177).
    Everyone these are the provisions in the original Hagel bill. We're not sure whether they will be there in the new one or not.


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  • srikondoji
    04-11 09:36 PM
    Now. Don't try to scream.
    This is just unofficial and don't ask my sources.

    All i know is that as of yesterday there were only 18000 applications for Masters quota.

    Why did not they get filled as fast as the Regular quota?
    This is the reasoning my lawyer gave....

    "Most of the applicants for Master's quota were in confusion after April 3 after reading several bulletins about 200,000 or so H1-B applications. And some people didn't even apply thinking that the USCIS may have received more than enough master's quota applications even though the bulletin said that they were accepting more applications for Master's quota."

    I know of people who have submitted fresh H1-B applications under master's quota as late as April 7th.

    So guys, wait for the official numbers. Don't believe me. But do compare when the official news is released.

    I am surprised by the slow pace of Master's applications.

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  • mattresscoil
    12-09 11:02 AM
    Hi everyone,

    I applied for my I-131, I-765 and I-485 together under EB-2 category on the 13th of September 2010. I got approval letters for both I-131 and I-765 by the 9th of November 2010. My wife and I also received our EAD cards and travel documents. But today I got another set of receipts for both I-765 and I-131 with rfe for photographs. The receipts number are different in both the previous and new receipts and the new ones are showing up in pending state on the USCIS website.

    Please let me know what can be the reason I got these duplicate receipts and what should be the next steps.

    Thank you all in advance,
    Take Infopass and talk to them. In my opinion if you have approvals in your hand, they stand valid.
    USCIS - Left hand does not know what right hand does and vice versa.

    I understand your confusion, I hope you find a patient officer at your infopass appointment.

    Did you apply for your EAD/AP yourself and did your lawyer(if you hired) also apply for EAD/AP. Check with your lawyer and employer too.


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  • belmontboy
    07-23 02:10 PM
    I'm wondering if criminal charges that never lead to a conviction (3 charges in total) can cause a green card holder to get deported? Also, when a person applies to renew a green card after it expired will another FBI fingerprint check be done?

    Thanks for the help.

    was it no contest or did u plead guilty?

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  • dvb123
    04-05 09:45 AM
    There is a memo which says that you can get 1 year H1 till u get the license.

    MurthyDotCom : H1B Petitions Should be Approved for 1 Year w/out State License (http://www.murthy.com/news/UDh1pets.html)

    However I am not sure if RN positions quality for a h1-b. There was a 50,000 green cards nurses category a cpl of years back for nurses because nurses do not quality for h1. However they did not extend the category.

    Nursing / Nurses: GREEN CARD APPLICATION PROCESS (http://knowaboutnursing.blogspot.com/2008/03/green-card-application-process.html)

    Others pls update this thread with your knowledge and Experience


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  • Foxy1
    12-12 10:41 PM
    I just noticed that the I-140 my lawyer submitted 3 months ago to Nebraska has a typo in my DOB (21/07/2978 instead of 21/07/1978). Yes its a thousand years out! A copy of my latest I-94 and visa both showing my correct DOB were also submitted with the I-140.

    Do any of you guys think I'll have the I-140 rejected, recieve an RFE, or will the Nebraska officer just use common sense and amend it himself? What do you reccomend I do if anything?

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  • eilsoe
    10-09 08:03 AM
    why not?

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  • bowbow
    10-25 03:14 PM
    Does any one got "AP" approved, who applied in the month of august?from NSC.

    04-04 10:27 PM
    You can start LLC or 'C' corp on EAD. No consequences. You cannot start 'S' corp on EAD. See this:


    1.) Yes, but you cannot work for it without filing H1 if you are on H1 status. You can even become a partner on EAD.
    2.) Yes
    3.) Depends on your state of registration. Contact Department of State in your state of residence. In Texas you have to pay $750/yr even if you are not doing any business in LLC.

    I agree with greyhair.Though you can start LLC, you should still be able to pay taxes as for S corp. Contact you accountant.He will explain to you better.Good luck.

    05-25 08:01 AM
    i enetered US on h4 visa in sept. 2007. got h1b and started working on h1 in october 2008. was laid off in nov 2009 and my husband promptly filed my h4 and got approval in march this year. now another employer has filed for my h1b visa. do I need to wait for h1b approval notice since I am on h4 visa or can I start working as soon as the company receives the receipt notice?thanks for your answers.

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